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Varian and Radovan........(spoilers follow)

Pathfinder Tales

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Soooooo, Varian and Radovan are headed back to Egorian. Are we gonna see that book(or whatever book comes next for them) anytime soon? Many of us I am sure are wondering this and looking forward to any glimmer of hope concerning a continuance of this fine tale of friendship and adventure. Has anyone seen or heard any news concerning such an event? Can we get some info/news from Dave himself or anyone with paizo in the know on such things?

Just putting this out there and hoping =). Love the Tales line in general and look forward to more.



still nothing? is anyone even out there?

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PSY850 wrote:
still nothing? is anyone even out there?

Right now the whole Tales line is on probably won't get any news on this till we get the news on the line.

Sovereign Court

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What we do know is that Dave Gross' next PF book will not be Radovan and Varian.

To be honest, I read going home and Radovan being ennobled as a farewell to the characters.

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I hope it's not a farewell, there is so much intrigue and fun to be had and written about in the nation of cheliax. Even if it leads to or even begins with the boys escaping from the house of Thrune deciding they were more trouble than they are worth. There is also the possible joy of whatever happens in Ustalav if/when someone discovers radovans heritage.

Just so many stories left to be told. I'm still hoping to read more of them.

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