[DM Advice / SPOILERS] Some questions concerning Eryliums behaviour and future plans.

Rise of the Runelords

Hey there, I'm a new DM running this campaign, and one of the groups I'm running this for had a really hard time handling the Erylium fight...

They didn't have enough appropriate ranged attacks to do enough damage to prevent her healing or simply resisting it outright, and they just got plain unlucky with many of their throws that would have ended her life.

Eventually, after about 3 hours of fighting her, I decided to have her flee, at this point the party of 5 were still suffering from fear effects and one of them even fell in the well, after suffering through failed attempts of trying to force her down...

I know I commited mistakes, and my players did as well. I'm a new DM and some of the things done weren't exactly right, but I played her to the best of my abilities and I tried to follow her behaviour of not getting in melee range and using her spells first (there's also a scary looking barbarian in the group that could have killed her in about two turns, if even)

So, the situation now is that Erylium has escaped the cathedral, the party has managed to deactivate (but not destoy) the well, and our next session will retake from there.

I'm thinking of having Erylium go to Thistletop, but then again I don't know if that makes much sense... She should technically go back in and attack the PCs, but they still had no way of dealing with her and they were getting really bored, as some of the characters had literally no way of doing anything (or at least couldn't think of any ways).

All in all it went pretty poorly, and now there's this problem.

Should I just have her hide in the catacombs, since they should return to it at some point? Or should I get her to terrorise some other part of the world? Maybe get her to go to thistletop?

I'm worried they would just run into the same issues again, although they're obviously leveling up and getting stronger.

The party consists of:

- Barbarian
- Rogue
- Sorceror
- Cleric
- Monk

They're currently level 2, resting in Sandpoint.

I appreciate any help you can give me, I'm at a bit of a loss. Loving the adventure though, and the challenge of running it first time.

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Don't be hard on yourself, Erylium is one tough cookie for most groups to handle. She doesn't deal much damage, but she's hard to kill. It took my PCs three tries (each lasting most of a session) to finally get her. What I had her do after she fled the first battle was gather all of the other monsters in the Catacombs. That second battle ended in her narrowly escaping again! The PCs when back to Sandpoint and invested in some cold iron weapons (to bypass her DR) and finally managed to kill her in the third battle . . .

Fleeing to Thistletop isn't crazy. I just played Erylium as agoraphobic and convinced that the Catacombs were her "empire" so she wasn't going to leave.

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My party of 6 failed to kill Erylium in the Catacombs. She fled to Thistletop and Naulia's side, where they encountered her again. After Naulia was slain, Erylium fled again, but did not make another appearance in my campaign.

Erylium is tough.


My experiences were similar to Skeld, though I had her return yet again at The Scribbler's side, but only leveled her up to level 5 (because she wasn't really supposed to be a big threat at that point) and they killed her in the first round (which led to much rejoicing among the players).

Though the AP says she won't leave her kingdom, her fleeing to Nualia made sense to me once she was the only thing left and had no way of creating more sinspawn. Plus it let Nualia know about the fate of Tsuto and these new "heroes" that were on her trail.

I would have her do as Jhaeman did, or else have her be a nice easter egg when they go up against the Scribbler, as Kalshane did. I don't see her leaving, or being all that nice of a treat in the immediate future (by having her go to thistletop). However, players really enjoy when they get to seriously squish an old combatant that once gave them trouble, as would happen if she hung around to help out the Scribbler.

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Half way through my party's Eryllium fight, I nerfed her. Her defenses were just too good for a level 2 party.

Well, ideally the party sees Tsuto's note about a quasit and does some research.

I also threw my PCs a bone and included 5 cold iron arrows and 5 silver arrows in Tsuto's inventory. (Just the cold iron would seem too much like a gift to the PCs, while both just made Tsuto seem prepared for enemies with DR.)

Thank you so much for sharing your own stories, you've settled my worries. I'll most likely have her reappear at a later point, probably in thistletop. Thanks again!

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The quasit is a tough challenge for second-level PCs.

I've run it twice. The first time, the PCs picked up on the clue that there was a demon down there, and stocked up on cold iron arrows and crossbow bolts, and also bought an oil of align weapon. They killed her without too much trouble.

The second time, the PCs didn't do any prep to fight a demon. In the fight, one of the PCs grappled her, and then drowned her in the summoning pool. (Outsiders breathe!) I thought that was excellent thinking-outside-the-box on the players' part!

If Erylium had fled the Catacombs, I would have had her flee to Thistletop and meet up with Nualia; she'd be there in the final boss fight as an extra combatant.

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