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character history for an upcoming COT game I'm playing in .

Council of Thieves

This is a character history for an upcoming COT I have been invited to play in . We will have 5 players and were asked by our GM to make up back history to link us in Westcrown , using campaign traits . This is my story thus far though I have a week before our first game and once the GM tells me of a NPC choice there will be more . I do hope you enjoy it and please expect grammar errors as I am not a polished writer though it is one of my many joys in life .

Drevynn Albus

Drevynn was born on the outskirts of Westcrown to a fairly wealthy family. He was born one bright summer morning ministered to by mid-wives who to this day still speak of an angelic light shining though the old home’s window upon his birth. Drevynn’s Father Ezekiel worked as millwright and was paid well for his knowledge in working stone. His father was also fond of taverns, some of Drevynn’s earliest memories are of his father taking him to those places. Drevynn loved to hear the music and told himself one day he would be there on the stage and people would come watch him play. His father worked hard and knowing of his son’s interests bought him a wooden lyre to practice on. Drevynn spent many days and nights learning and practicing. One night his father left to go out for a night of drinking after a hard day’s work in the mill and never returned. His mother knew the town streets had become unsafe at night so she forbid him to take their son Drevynn. Drevynn’s mother Rhia told Drevynn that his father got work in a large city far away and that he would send for them once he was settled. That day never came of course, as the days turned into years. Drevynn still had a fondness for playing music and one summer as a young teen of 12 seasons swept up a merchant’s building each day to earn enough for a fine quality Lyre the man had for sale.

Drevynn was entering his later teens when his mom became ill and passed one winter. Upon her death bed she told Drevynn the truth that his father didn’t leave them but that the evil of the night in this town had taken him away. Drevynn knew his mother only wished to protect him from harm but he knew it would always haunt him that good fathers could be taken from loving families. Rhia also handed him a small box that he recognized as his father’s tobacco box and his father’s ivory pipe. It was a hand carved snuff box made of a Tien wood she said. Drevynn closed his eyes and could still recall his father sitting down after dinner smoking his ivory pipe and the box as it rested on the table beside him .It made him smile to think of his childhood, but alas he knew soon he would be alone as his mother and father both now would be gone. He made a pact as he watched her pass softly into the next life he would do something about the evil nights in Westcrown if able. Drevynn packed what gear and memories he had knowing the home was to be rented now to a younger couple. Drevynn hoped it would bring many more years of happiness to the young couple as it did him in his childhood.

Drevynn now plays at a few smaller local taverns. He makes a small sum, enough to keep him in tobacco and a roof over his head. He isn’t a celebrity yet but those who hear him play all say it is but a matter of time. Drevynn as of late has been given a room in the Darkstone Inn, where he plays each nights for tips. The owner a man named Cinvinci allows him to keep a room as long as he keeps bringing in customers.

Drevynn now spends his days wondering the streets of Westcrown searching for clues of what may be so dangerous in the night. He has of late been wondering by a local glass blower’s shop along his daily walk. He doesn’t dare go in but does stop to watch the young Tien woman work. Drevynn has even composed a song for her he plays in his performances, though she has no idea of course. Drevynn tries to be nonchalant about his watching but a few times he feels she has caught him and even once may have smiled. Perhaps that smile was for the customer anxiously waiting for her new bauble to be made. Either way Drevynn moves on before any words are exchanged content to just let his mind wonder rather than know for sure.

Drevynn sang the song he had wrote for the Tien woman in the tavern that evening. It was met with a loud applause. It seems his path was chosen correctly indeed he thought silently to himself as he gathered the tips from the nights performance. Drevynn stopped playing and went to table in the corner that is his usual table after a night's work. The barmaid Gretchen already was on her way with his favorite ale . Gretchen smiled and placed his drink in front of him " the song you sang , it was .. it was just so beautifully written . that girl of yours sure is lucky to have you " Drevynn nodded and gave her a silver piece for a tip . He spoke softly " Perhaps one day she will actually know of my thoughts but that day is not soon upon me for just seeing her makes my words fail me " Gretchen laughed softly " well you are not only handsome , a great poet and singer , but also unbelievably cute and shy . I'm sure she will come to see that for herself " Drevynn again smiled softly as he grabbed his drink and slowly took a long sip to cool his burning throat from his performance. Gretchen turned and took drinks to a nearby table as Drevynn was left in quiet contemplation. He took out his pipe and began to puff it as he mused of life and its meaning . How could I feel so strongly for a girl I've never even met ? What if she doesn't share my feelings ? What if like many others I've heard about since I began my investigation into the night and darkness of Westcrown she goes missing ? So many questions filled his mind that he had no answers for . Drevynn was snapped from his trance like state when Gretchen screamed . He stood and seen a group of strong looking men sitting around a table , one had pulled her into his lap . Gretchen struggled to free herself . Drevynn figured he could not take them all on, yet he had to do something . Drevynn stood and walked toward the table. He calmed his nerves by finishing his drink as he did so . The men seen him and one of them was about to say something when Drevynn just hit him in the head with the flagon his drink had been in . The man holding Gretchen rose throwing her from his lap and struck Drevynn soundly . Drevynn staggered back but readied himself . The other men now stood as well . Drevynn knew he would lose this fight but in the end as long as it was merely fists he figured he would survive . The men moved at Drevynn , he struck at one knocking him back against the table but the other two proved too much and soon Drevynn lie on the floor, covered in drinks. The men all laughed , kicking Drevynn one final time before they left . Drevynn staggered to his feet and moved back to his table . Gretchen came over immediately and gave him a damp cold cloth . He would wear the bruises and cuts from this foray for awhile he thought .
The next few days as Drevynn took his daily walk he didn't stop in front of the Tien glass-works , afraid or feeling somehow ashamed of his bruises and cuts . He took a night or two off from singing as well and instead started studying magic. He was after all gifted in magic . He just never felt a need to grow it He taught himself a few rudimentary spells he had seen other stage magicians use during his time working in the bars of Westcrown. It wasn't long however until his bruises and cuts healed. He then spent more hours performing during the evening to make some extra coins he could use to further bolster his growing fascination with magic . His walks did however begin again in earnest . The Tien woman was just as beautiful as he remembered yet he figured she deserved better so he didn't stop to watch over the next few days as he had done so many times before . His mind however took in every aspect of her hair , her eyes , each gown or dress she wore . Now each night as his performances end he goes to his table and drinks alone , smoking his pipe , his thoughts lost to his magic and of course the Tien girl whom he never met .

One morning Drevynn made a decision that life is too short to wonder of things and not pursue them . He could have been killed a few nights earlier trying to intercede with the men whom accosted Gretchen . He thought a lot since then and decided now is the time to live his life . He began in earnest listening for things of interests about the dark streets and things that happen . He was careful not to divulge too much of his personal nature as he knew or had heard many tales of the HellKnights coming for those who opposed the ruling house of Thrune . He didn't want to be seen as an usurper as much as a guy trying to figure out how to make the streets safer for the citizens of Westcrown. Drevynn did his morning walk as he had done many times before , only this day he stopped to get a single white orchid from the flower shop. He found the boy called Jared in the street . Drevynn had used this boy before for errands and knew he was trustworthy in more ways than one. Drevynn had a note he had written out beforehand but had never had the nerve to give to the Tien woman , but today that would all change he hoped . Drevynn gave the flower to the Jared with instructions to give it to the Tien woman around when the sun was at its peak in the sky . Jared nodded and took the silver piece from Drevynn with a smile .

Drevynn this day was careful about where he stood as he approached the glass blowing shop so that he could see into the shop yet with luck would remain hidden from the young Tien woman's view . He fidgeted nervously as he waited for the errand boy to deliver his note and the flower . The boy appeared and walked in to the shop waiting until the young woman was done with her task . He handed her the sealed note and flower . He could see the Tien woman look around and then ask the boy something to which the boy replied . Drevynn knew he had told him to simply say it was from someone whom admired her work and her smile , nothing more or less . The boy soon left and Drevynn watched with eagerness as the young woman began to open the note and read it . He could see her lips move as if reading it aloud and his mind focused on every word .

" You have such a lovely smile. I have seen it many times and yet each time I see it somehow it is like I've never seen it before . We have never formally met but I can't help but feel perhaps in a past life we have. I know many do not believe in fate or things of that nature but from the moment your smile entered my life I cant seem to get it out of my mind . I hope this note finds you well. I hope my words will fill your mind and heart, as your smile does mine, with a want and need to know more . The answer shall be yours alone to decide . If you wish to meet the one behind these words all you need to do on the morrow is put the flower into your hair as a sign and I shall call on you. If not simply put it in a vase and I shall know your heart and mind are not interested . I leave you with these words composed by my hand in thoughts of you "

She has dark hair, and emerald green eyes

a soft caring smile, that can light up your life

She moves with grace untold, as she goes through her day

breaking many untold hearts, I'm sure along the way .

I'm never usually at a loss, for just the right words

I've always been good at saying, what others want heard

but with you my voice, becomes that of an unheard whisper

lost upon the wind swirling, forever lost in life's chaotic twister

Like a book you wait to be opened, to be carefully read,

To be loved for who you are, for the beauty inside instead

I cannot offer more, than what my heart tells me it holds

I can however promise , to walk with you as our story unfolds

Drevynn watched as the Tien woman once more glanced around. Drevynn had been very careful to remain out of sight . Drevynn watched as she moved from the main room out of sight returning a few moments later smiling as she begin her work once more. Drevynn moved off knowing on the morrow he would have his answer one way or another . He strolled around the city he knew so well thinking to himself what a wonderful day to finally live and be alive .

Dark Archive

1 person marked this as a favorite.

As an avid fan of the Council of Thieves AP, Chelish characters, and long backstories, I think you did quite well here. You touched on the three main reasons player's need to properly tie their characters into CoT - the shadows, the defense of home, and the feeling of being wronged (and not rebelling against Thrune) - so you should do well in your campaign. Best of luck!

ty for taking the time to reply and so far it has been an awesome experience game wise

RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32

Is this Tien woman a specific character? ;)

2 people marked this as a favorite.

the tien woman is actually one of the Npc's we were introduced to in game Amaya .. I however was unable to win her affection as she seems smitten with an actor in our group but it made for awesome angst and role-play .. Drevynn had a tough time accepting the other PC and at first was angered by him and Amaya's budding romance played out well by the GM and other PC . But as time has passed he sees it for what it has come to be and is ok with it .

Scarab Sages

What Jeff isn't telling you is that Dreyvynn has caught the eye of Tarvi, the red-headed Wizard NPC.

Dreyvynn has been instrumental in the game, helping the team come up with their new name, the Protectors of the Night, and their sigil.

Dreyvynn was helping Gorvio with the horses when they encountered Thesing, and has earned the ire of such a noted Opera singer, but Dreyvynn has fueled the fire by writing a parody song that he performs in the various Inns in the Crua and Spera.

I'd encourage Jeff to post it here :) It's quite fun!

(( we play every 2nd Monday so in between our sessions we use the downtime from events in game to email in our group tings our chars would use this time for . here are a few examples and includes what Bomanz was speaking of as well in the form of a parody song I wrote due to information from our GM regarding our downtime and what we have heard rumored))

GM post to our group the following

Amaya Kaijutsu will speak up during your discussion.

"What a splendid idea, to sort of form a small chorus to perform under patronage from some of Kerne's associates! There are many smaller Operas that can be performed with a small group of people that would be very sought after by those who seek a more private experience, and not having to worry about hiring a group of strangers that might have problems working as an ensemble should be highly attractive to perspective clientele. Even Blaise, whose parents were famous and have obviously passed on their talents seems willing to put his solo career on hold to work together....." Her eyelashes flutter as she trails off, before giving a large sigh and then blushing furiously.

Gorvio arrives later with some amusing, but concerning rumors.

Apparently Thesing Ulvaud, semi-famous Operatic thespian had a disastrous performance. One of the horses he had on stage with him chose the climactic aria to defecate, and Thesing had unknowingly stepped in it, which caused several missed notes. Further, when Thesing swung a prop (a large floppy hat with a big feather in the brim) at the horse, it reared and bucked, which caused the other horses to flee the stage and run amok. Gorvio's poor uncle Jaccovo and a hired hand had a difficult time rounding up the horses.

The bigger problem seems to be that Thesing has put around a small bounty for information regarding a common bar singer/stable boy that had dared to question the great virtuoso. Right now the bounty is only for information about where this common bard/stable boy works and stays, but Gorvio believes that Thesing might be trying to set up Drevynn.

((here is my post in reply to what my character does ))

Drevynn will smoke his pipe as he listens to the lovely Amaya . Drevynn watches as she flirts with Blaise and turns his attention elsewhere as it still is somewhat irksome he was not chosen by her , but life is life after all .He will get a flagon of mead and settle in alone at a corner chair and simply watch and listen .

Drevynn will listen to Gorvio's words carefully. Drevynn will tap out his pipe after hearing Gorvio's words and stand to speak " well it seems I have a follower and admirer. I feel it best not to stay here because if there is gold offered then surely someone will see me and having this place as a place of refuge for our group is needed . I shall go and barter a room at Arodennia's , the large inn we first met in .I shall offer my bardic performances to hopefully offset my staying there . I'm sure Theising shall have little trouble finding me there and at least your identities will remain intact . I shall go there and lie low as it were until whatever he has planned is done . You can send word to me I'm sure if my services are needed . It would also seem perhaps until this matter is taken care of that my place in the bardic group should as well be put off until the matter is done . Perhaps to ingratiate yourself with Thesing in some way one of you could give him my whereabouts , no reason why we shouldn't benefit from his offering . Do not worry I've lived through worse than angering a no account hack of an actor whose pompous and arrogant . " Drevynn will then take a long drink from his flagon of mead and nod to the group and leave to head over to Arodennia's. Drevynn will use his street smarts(stealth) to get to the inn hopefully not followed but will check often to see if he is or not . Once at the Inn Drevynn will barter for a room (diplomacy) offering up his songs and string instrument skills . Drevynn writes a small lyric as well ..............((( I should be rewarded for my ingenuity in writing this btw lolol )))

have you all heard the tale of Thesing the bold , who messed up his notes or so I was told

as he strode onto stage where a horse once had tread , stepping in s+*! clean up to his head

but alas that's not the end of the gruesome tail , for with a flick of his cap the horses set sail ,

running amok and trashing the place , leaving poor Thesing with more than egg on his face .

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