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I run an after school group for some kids aged 12-16 and the youngest just expressed interest in learning to GM. He's reading the Beginner Box rules after having played core for a while now and familiarizing himself with Black Fang's Dungeon. I'm aware of the options out there for the Beginner Box, but I was wondering about the themes and content of the Wayfinder BB adventures. Would these be appropriate for a twelve-year-old or are they more along the lines of typical Pathfinder adventure, which I would generally see as a mild to hard PG-13? The nature of our group makes me reluctant to push the envelope regarding mature content and I'd rather not read them in case I get to play them.


You might get better responses to Wayfinder questions in the general Advice forum.

I, for one, haven't had a chance to read all 16 of the Wayfinders. The ones I have read seem to be generally at the same level as other Paizo Pathfinder products.

That seems reasonable. I figured I'd post here since I'm really only interested in the Beginner Box content.

There are a number of scenarios that are designed to be used by kids just getting started. It may take a day or so before I have time to dig them up, but I'll see what I can find

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Thanks for your help. To be very clear, my scope here is pretty narrow. I'm mostly wondering about the content of these specific adventures for the purpose of having a kid who has shown interest GM them. I'll probably just wind up reading them to find out and trying to do my best to not spoil anything. All of this is a ways off anyway since we've yet to run Blackfang's Dungeon or The Deadly Mine.

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Hey there, I'm the editor in chief for Wayfinder, so I can answer to that.

Yes, Wayfinder has a strict PG-13 content policy, so these should be playable for kids.

Some of the ones in issue #9 link directly with the BB adventures too, so you can integrate them. Issues #10, 11, and 12 also have BB adventures for you, based on the issue theme.

I'd be surprised if anyone thought they were NOT age appropriate, as we have kids ourselves and would be watching content closely!


Thanks for the input! I've read Wayfinder content before and been most impressed. And may I just say, excellent thinking to expand on Beginner Box material.

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Thanks, we appreciate the feedback. Hopefully, we can get back to putting some BB content in the 'zine again with #18 (fey!).

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