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Something done in 1 or 2 sessions

Beginner Box

Brand new to Pathfinder and RPG Table Top games in general. I have family visiting for a couple of weeks so we decided to try the beginner box. Made it through Black Fang's Lair in about 5 hours.

My group doesn't really role play much right now as we are still trying to figure out the game. We have enough time to do another 1 or 2 sessions before every goes home. We don't get to see each other much so we don't want to start something that will take tons of sessions to complete.

Could someone point me in the direction I should take? Thanks

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Look up the Modules line of products - they're adventures designed to take only a small number of sessions to complete. Of those, the most beginner-friendly are probably Crypt of the Everflame or the We Be Goblins series. You also might try looking at the scenarios designed for the Pathfinder Society Organized Play system - you don't have to sign up for Organized Play to use them, and they're designed to be finished in a single session.

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You might also look into Master of the Fallen fortress. It's a nice little dungeon romp, that should fit into one session. Even better, it's a free download, so you can just grab it and see whether you like it.

I'll also echo the recommendation for We be Goblins. It comes with pregenerated characters, namely goblins. You can go all out and do all kinds of mischief.

Thanks for the replies Rennaivx and Iff.

I just downloaded Master of the Fallen Fortress and it looks interesting, I also picked up pre generated character sheets from Paizo as well. The only thing I'm stumped on is the map. Do I just draw it out myself or is there a way I can print or order the map for Master of the Fallen Fortress?

Just draw it on a blank flip mat. It will work fine.

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There's a couple of ways you can go:
- Draw it on a blank flip mat with whiteboard markers. I think the beginner box has a desert-like flip mat with a blank backside?
- You can copy the map from the pdf, and print it out on a regular printer. There are some tutorials to be found on internet to get the scale right. Afterwards, you paste all the parts together to form one map.
- If you can get a few sheets of flipchart paper, those are also perfect. They're large enough and come with 1 inch squares predrawns. Use regular markers or pens to draw the map, with the 1 inch grid for guidance.

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Totally forgot about flip chart paper. Thanks for the tip Brother Fen

Iff the beginner box does have a blank side however I'm a lefty and whenever I draw with white board markers my writing is immediately smudged =-( I think ill go the flip chart route. My wife said she would puffy paint some texture on it so it wouldn't look so lame. Haha I'll keep yall posted.

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