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Ultimate Campaign Backgrounds and Traits

Product Discussion

It seems that several of the traits listed in Ultimate Campaign (most coming from APG) are not listed anywhere in the background generator. Going strictly with traits granted access by the background generator, it is not possible to take the following traits:

Anatomist (Combat)
Armor Expert (Combat)
Deft Dodger (Combat)
Fencer (Combat)
Caretaker (Faith)
History of Heresy (Faith)
*Air-Touched (Magic)
Classically Trained (Magic)
Bully (Social)
Warrior of Old (Race/Elf)
*Almost Human (Race/Half-Orc)
Freedom Fighter (Race/Halfling)
Scholar of Ruins (Race/Human)

There are also some story feats that aren't in the background generator, though those appear to be tied to various rules sub-systems later in the book.

Have I missed something? Is there some errata that I haven't found? It seems to me that it wouldn't be too difficult to fit these into various parts of the background generator, especially the two that are new to Ultimate Campaign (marked with an asterisk).


Sir George Anonymous

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