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Hey guys, so I made a sorceress with the draconic bloodline and of course I want to make her go dragon disciple. My question is should I try to go into dragon disciple as soon as I can? I have all the requirements except for a couple ranks of knowledge arcana. Thoughts? My first instinct is to do it, since we have a spell caster in our party already who is just going straight sorceress, so we aren't in dire need of any more magic users, and who doesn't want to turn into a dragon? This is my first time playing so I don't know.

I always believe in following instinct in game. Go for it.

Thanks! I've thought about it more and I'm gonna try it!

Silver Crusade

Here's my way of looking at it: will you have fun with it? If so, go for it. The only problem I have with Dragon Disciple is that there aren't rules for using it with other bloodlines.

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Be sure to look up the Favored Prestige Class and Prestigious Caster feats in Paths of the Righteous. At a cost of four feats, you can make up for all three of the spellcasting levels lost in taking that prestige class.

The only thing I would point out is that if you don't have the ability scores to fight decently, I'm not sure how much you'll get out of going Disciple. Disciple grants some nice hitpoints and bonus strength and natural armor and stuff, but it won't make up for not being any good at fighting to begin with. Personally, if I'm going to go Dragon Disciple I usually really go Disciple - high strength score to start, and probably a level in a fighting class. That's just me though.

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