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Construct newbie


I've decided to go against my better judgment as a newer player and nab a construct mount from the Alchemist subclass of "Construct Rider". I've found Make Whole and Rapid Repair spells, but are there other methods to repair constructs? I'm hoping for an item, like a wand or scroll, that I could use to throw out a heal now-and-then. I'm using "Use Magic Device" so any class or racial restrictions could, eventually, be nulled. To be fair, even if there are only a small amount of ways to heal a construct, the idea of a horse that belches beam-bombs and lets me slash with a greatsword is far too appealing to not try this at least once.

Liberty's Edge

The easiest and cheapist is a wand of Mending.

When reading it's description I found: "This spell does not affect creatures (including constructs)". Unless they changed that rule or my DM overrides it, that won't work for me.

Liberty's Edge

You are right. So you will need to spend more for a wand of make whole.
By the way do to the cost of the wand you may want to dip a level in to a class that can cast the spell, so you don't need to worry that you roll low and losses use of the wand.


Requirements: Craft Construct, regenerate

CR Increase: +1
Heart: This upgrade permits a golem to receive half the benefits of magical healing and provides a hit point bonus as if the golem had a Constitution score of 12, but the construct does not gain a Constitution score in this process. Negative energy spells cast upon the golem can affect the heart, causing it to cease functioning for the duration of the effect (or 1 round for instantaneous effects). If the spell has a save, the heart uses the golem's saving throws.

That would be perfect with a few c.l.wounds in my pocket each night, especially if I got some boro beads or what not, which should be *very* affordable if I can cover that.

So I guess I need to buy an expensive scroll, or roll a DC+5 check, and put a beating heart in my robohorse. That's a long-term solution, but I like it.

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