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out of print books

Product Discussion

i was wondering how oftan do you guys get out of print books like ultimate campagin/ theres alot i like but alot of them are out of print and i want to support this company and not shop other stores do you guys get out of prints books back

I think additional printings are based largely on how sales of a given product have gone over time - i.e. if something consistently sold well and looks like it would continue to do so, they're more likely to give it another print run.

Note that a product not getting another print run doesn't mean it sold poorly or anything. They just may not believe there will be enough additional sales to justify it.

That said, since there's really no way to predict what'll get printed again and what won't, it's probably fine to buy it from somewhere else. Paizo still benefits from that, after all. ^^

Ultimate Campaign will probably see reprint as all the other hardcovers that have gone out of print have been reprinted. If not, just grab one off eBay or Amazon. No one will blame you for it.

Paizo Employee Publisher, Chief Creative Officer

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Yeah, do what you need to do (legally, please) to get the books you need.

I suggest checking with the closest hobby games store and seeing if they have it in stock.

We'll reprint Ultimate Campaign, but a few other books are in the reprint line ahead of it, so if you need the book soon, there are better places to get it than here. At least right now.

Sorry about the inconvenience.

its no problem i was just wondering because i know soe places dont even reprint their older or stuff that sold out but wasn't big salers

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