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Deadly Foes- Why must you taunt me?!

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So, I arrive with my friends at the game store for our weekend game, and I see Deadly Foes on their shelf. So I pick up a box and open it up at the table- and upon glimpsing the Large figure, i toss the onto the table dejectedly as my friends glance in and begin laughing in realization.
My Large was a Unicorn.
Why my dejection? I had purchased previous several boxes of DnD Monster Menagerie... and got three Unicorns from those boxes, then buying a bundle of figures on eBay, got another Unicorn in that bundle... Four Unicorns. Yup.

Now, Pathfinder Battles is going to taunt me with Unicorns. yay. Rusty Dragon Inn taunted me two consecutive Draft Horses.

Wish me luck, as i ordered another box of Deadly Foes with my Strange Aeons' subscription...

Five unicorns? That's a blessing!

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