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Jacksonville, NC Pathfinder

Gamer Connection

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Hello folks,
I am looking for gamers around Jacksonville, North Carolina area who are interested in playing pathfinder.
Please post interest so others can see that there are others.
Thank you and hope to hear from you.

Man, I must be in a dead spot of the world...

likrin wrote:
Man, I must be in a dead spot of the world...

Hello, I know this is a really old post, but I saw you posted a little over a month ago, and I figured I would try my luck. I am also in Jacksonville, NC and looking for a Pathfinder group, I'd love to join a game if you have one going. Haha, I also feel like I am in a dead spot of the world.

Hey brother, I'm up in Cherry, and I DM if you're still interested.

If you guys are still in the Jacksonville area, I'm starting an Emerald Spire/Thornkeep adventure on the 20th of May and I'm looking for a few more players!

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