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2 years without a Brawler archetype anniversary

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*pops champagne*

Now, I know there was an unfortunate sequence of themes that didn't favor the class. Horror and Occultism don't particularly match Brawlers (though they could have fit well in stuff like the Tactics Handbooks, or Intrigue).

I also know that the class itself really fell by the wayside in terms of popularity after UnMonk and Weapon/Armor Master's Handbooks got released, since Monks and Fighters are fun again -- and let's face it, the main goal of Brawlers was to make a Fighter/Monk that didn't have the same design issues they have (though I still believe they have two major design flaws, which are weapon group reliance and Maneuver Training).

The most attention they got was Outslug Style, which is actually a pretty sweet alternative to Pummeling Style for mobility and output.

This being said, I do wish the class was given some love. There's a lot of design space for them so here's hoping freelancers and developers give them some extra attention for 2017!

Here's hoping that Blood of the Beast or Monster Slayer's Handbook have some love for Brawlers...


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Just checked my subscription PDF of Blood of the Beast - nothing there.

Honestly, I have moderate hopes for Heroes of the High Court (I'd love to see a longsword Brawler), and desperate desires for Monster Hunter's Handbook.

Secret Wizard wrote:
longsword Brawler


Plausible Pseudonym wrote:
Secret Wizard wrote:
longsword Brawler

Sort of like an "ascended" pleb - think more of a Bronn from Game of Thrones. The street rat who got proper dueling training, and isn't as good at using varied weaponry. No Maneuver Training, no Close Weapon Mastery, limited unarmed strike damage, no Awesome Blow - but perhaps some extra social abilities and expanded weapon use for Brawler's Flurry.

That sounds like...a class that already exists and isn't a brawler.

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