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As the title: Only rule is no more than three names per post (last names optional).

Rofl Memes
Grundle Chucker

Let's go again! Round 2 of super serious naming!

Dump Stat
Mush Pucky
Picup Stix

Mimdel Boom (so lovely, so talented, so EXPLODEY!)

Grimble Bugpicker

Vrash the Unwholesome.

Eard Rum (it has a nice ring to it. eh? eh?)

Lugram the Destroyer
Eepapporpahah (think the Jetsons)


Gurt the Oozing
Crusty Bob

Bubba Stump

Ogar the Aromatic
Kribble Stankywang
Dritch Scrubbner

Drake Blingy

Plurpoppo the Magnificent
Chundle Spuzz

Innerear Outtaudder

Grand Lodge

Ticktick da mad bomba!

MC Frogalicious

Fartlic Butsnif

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Incontinentia Buttocks

Silver Crusade

Sits in Porridge

Silver Crusade

Yummer Waxxinear
Chief Biggut
Skinny Flang the Not Hungry


Humanoid shield
Bitey the 13th
XP(Xavier Pendleton)

Gunky Wibblespoon

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James StJohn Bombastus "Pillbug" Smythe Ormsby Gore of the Toenibbler clan. Yes, all of the above is secret. Now you know.



Janet Isabella(She brings the torches)
Goblin Grenade 157th
Mack the Kitchen Knife

Scarab Sages

Gazpacho Coldsoup
Macarena Twitchdance
Viagra Hardwood
Hormel Badmeat
Prozac Nuthead

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Muriel Volstrangler
Captin Zognot
Drakar Nwar

Aunt Slappy
Lamb Skinner
Sweet Adelaide
Jugg Paddlefoot

Grecian Urn

What's a Henway?


Schism wrote:

What's a Henway?


Depends on the breed of chicken!

I Don't Know

Before Today
After Today

You saw me coming, but you will not stop me.
I don't give a darn!
(Everyone says it with that emphasis.)

Scuggs Roubadeaux
Clam the Cruncher
Roughnuts O'Shaughnessy

Snotspew "the Nose"
Assbugle Privy-minstrel
Chumbucket of the Gutchewers

Used these three many a time, Chumbucket always ends up very very dead from a big hit or a critical hit, seems names DO carry weight...(used the following letter as well, much fun ensued from clever PC's, or general need for goblin chaos, much fun, bad grammar)

Dear Breeders,

Thanks ALLOT (mean face sarcasm) Ma 'n Da, my truth name get mes killed lots!

Sincerely with much hate,

Chumbucket of the Gutchewers

(someone get that gobo, he got evil scribble stuffs powers!)

Grand Lodge

crunchee the cruncher

gubfort nocknocker

dog sicer

Grand Lodge

Sice Dogger

Caesar Salad


How about some names that are hard to write down?


Pickle Rick

Blunderbust the Missfiring, the Curious. the Headless.
Radical Melvin and Critical Bill

for "Starfinder"
Sniff the Aromatic
NUKE'EM JIM the First Strike
Saddle Sore Sallie the Infested

Bad Penny the Coin

for GMs only:

is a goblin apparition attached to a penny coin. His first appearance will be after the coin has come into the player's possession when someone passed it off in change by saying,"...and here is a bad penny." Then giving them the coin. THIS CAN NOT BE AVOIDED. You can not give the coin without saying,"...and here is a bad penny." Once you have held the penny. The penny won't accept a past holder unless the past holder tells the secret of how to pass on the coin.
His first Appearance should be a shocking experience like during a bar fight or private meeting with the High Muckity Muck. He will pop up and say, "I'm Penny, I'm your new boon companion,... " You and any familiars and linked companions will see and react to Penny's antics. All others can not see or hear him, occasionally as he brushes by underneath the table. Penny can not be seen even with a spell.of, a device of, True Seeing. The coin giving. off a faint glow of enchantment. Penny's malevolence is never directed at the coin holder. Penny wants to help out. He has 75% chance to be corporal during a complete task or blunder a task. Think of Gillyguen for effect. HAVE FUN With THE IDEA.

another way getting the bad penny is to find it lying on the ground with a corpse nearby/ the corpse is dead by accidental death/ as above otherwise/

Bee-Yon-Ka Boomstick, Goblin Gunner!

Digdug the Filthy--known for his knowledge of mud!

Kuss the foul mouthed
Bob the superfluous
Madd the Hat Hater

'ello there, peoples.
good to see pinkies apreciating da' colorful Gobos.
Me names as good as any tho'

Binky Tipples
Leeno Snugglebuns
Sniggles the Soul-Feaster.

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