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Bones QC hotglue issue.


Silver Crusade

This has probably been brought up many times before, but I am finishing painting my Bones 2 miniatures in preparation for getting my Bones 3.

But for Bones miniatures, is there any chance Reaper will stop having them glued together at the manufacturer for the smaller character miniatures?

Not only do I often find myself breaking apart miniatures to be able to easily paint them, but I swear a full 10% of my Bones 2 order were glued together so badly that there was either a glob of the hot glue they use, or the pieces were not fully pressed together when glued, or in one case an arm was glued on backwards.

It took me longer to try and either pull the pieces apart, or cut them without damage as it would have taken me to glue my whole order.

I know the Bones series is a popular but cheaper alternative to metal miniatures, but I think it would improve customer satisfaction greatly. At least in my case.

I think they only have them pre glued for the kickstarter any new minis you buy in the store should come unassembled.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Eviljames wrote:
I think they only have them pre glued for the kickstarter any new minis you buy in the store should come unassembled.

You are correct.

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