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I took my not quite 10 year old through the solo adventure in the beginner box yesterday. I read the bits, and he made the decisions and rolled the dice.

He absolutely loved it, and wants to play more. I don't think you could ask for more.

From my point of view, the adventure was a great fun little dungeon, with a few nice little bits and pieces.

So, thank you to the team!

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Great to hear!

If you're looking for some more Beginner Box material, take a look at this thread, which provides links to lots of other adventures—almost all free—to give you even more milage with the Beginner Box.

The Pathfinder Society team is also working on Pathfinder Academy, a new set of short quests (about 1 hour each) with our volunteer corps that teach younger players the game mechanics. We're debuting these at Gen Con 2016, expanding on the gaming options available to children at conventions.

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This is so good to hear, Nevynxxx! My son just turned 9 and I'm working up to what I hope is the same experience.

And thank you, John, for the link. I'm slowly collecting fun beginner options and this is GREAT.

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Thanks John, That's great info.

Nevynxxx: I am glad he enjoyed it. I would like to suggest that you have a look at making your own campaigns. It is really easy to create adventures for single players. I did it for my dad for ages.

The great benefit of making your own adventure is you can customise it to your son. He loves dinosaurs: make a story where he becomes tarzan of a prehistoric island riding around on pterodactyls and bracchiosaurs. He wants to rescue the princess just like that Italian plumber does: you can tell the story of the black dragon who kidnapped the kings daughter and he is the only one who can save her!

The other great thing about making your own adventures for your son will be that you get to tell him a story you made. You get to see him enjoy something you came up with. I know I loved it when my dad enjoyed the games I made for him.

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That's a good plan. I have another couple of younger kids, so I'll bring them in gradually too and should have a decent party before too long ;)

I've been playing for years, and I've DM'd both my own adventures, and pre-published, so on that score I'm good.

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