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Wish List for Alternate Racial Traits

Product Discussion

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber, Companion Subscriber

I would like to see alternate racial such as..

Lashunta(alternate racial mods)

-Female- +2Int +2Cha -2str
-Male- +2Str +2Int -2Cha


-A lot more abilities that replace or alter cat's luck.


-Abilities they can gain by loosing there immunity to mind-altering effects.
-Alternate weakness to delicious such as a -2 to saves vs an energy type.

Android(alternate racial mods)

-Type 1 +2Str +2Int -2Cha
-Type 2 +2Con +2Cha -2Wis


-Alternate racial trait that lets them get legs when dry but turns back when wet(like Splash, H20:Just Add Water, etc.).

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber, Companion Subscriber

Ghoran(alternate racial mods)

-+2Con +2Cha -2Str


-Medium size version.


-Immunity to detect thoughts and a +2 save vs psychic magic.
-weapon proficiency male(battle axe, war hammer), female(scimitar, trident).

Gathlain(alternate racial mods)

-+2Dex +2Cha -2Str

Genie-kin races

-Racial traits that are useful for kineticst.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber, Companion Subscriber

Elf(alternate racial mods)

-+2Dex +2Cha -2Con
-+2Dex +2Cha -2Str

Dwarf(alternate racial mods)

-+2Con +2Wis -2Dex


-Alternate change shape were they can change into a fox instead of a human.


-Gain fast healing 1 at the loss of immunity to mind-affecting effects, darkvision and maybe low-light vision.


-More alternate racial traits that replace poison use, spell resistance, and/or weapon familiarity.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber, Companion Subscriber


-Racial trait useful for kineticist(wood).


-Racial trait useful for kineticist(void).


-Racial trait useful to kineticist(wood).

Ganzi(alternate racial mods0

-Type 1- +2Con +2Cha -2Wis
-Type 2- +2 Any one stat

Plane Touched Races

-Alternate resistances/defenses for these races based on there actual outsider(Ex. Azura blooded +2 save vs curses, diseases, and poisons effects; Angel blooded would be acid 5, cold 5, fire 2, elec. 2 +2 vs poisons, etc.)

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber, Companion Subscriber


-Alternate skills: female(+2 diplomacy, +2 sense motive) male(+2 intimidate, +2 survival).


-A flat out +10 to base land speed.
-Can change into a cat at will.


-Gain a naga based ability/trait(spit poison, poison bite, swim speed, immunity to poison, etc.)


-Can change into an owl at will.


-Emotion based without needing a racial feat.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber, Companion Subscriber

Would love to see more alternate racial traits that add other creature's abilities/traits from fey, dragons, magical beast, aberrations, etc. These could apply to many races, not just one, they just have to list what racial traits they replace for each race.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

A different take: our group has made 'subraces' into feats taken at first level or given a point cost to buy.

EG: Elves

Night Elves-dazzled by light, extremely good night vision
Fire Elves-Fire resistance
Inuits-Elves adapted to the cold
Shadow Elves-from one of the Shadow realms
Fey Elves-vulnerable to cold worked iron, etc. but weird powers.

These all take the level 1 character feat.

Silver Crusade

I noticed that Blood of the Beasts has an alternate racial trait for kitsune to get a bonus to int instead of cha. I'd love to see the same for gnomes. It makes sense, given that they're known for tinkering and building things.

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