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Beginner box - Hero's handbook page 62

Beginner Box

1- COMBAT WHILE MOUNTED: Second and third paragraphs about charge contradicts (for the horse to charge, he must use his double move action, but they say that you can't make a melee Attack; only a range Attack with a -4 penalty???).

2- SPELL AREAS (LINE): I don't understand the third example of the 30-foot lines on the map grid.

Please, any help?

1) The second paragraph is talking about charging on a horse, while the third paragraph is talking about taking a double move on the horse. These are two different concepts.

A charge is effectively a move + standard action (in Beginner Box terms) that allows you to move up to twice your speed and then make a melee attack. But even though you can move up to twice your speed, a charge is not the same thing as taking a double move.

In other words, if you're riding a horse and want to move up to twice the horse's speed and still make a melee attack, you have to charge (+2 to-hit, -2 AC). If you just double move on the horse, you can only make a ranged attack (at -4 to-hit) at the half-way point of the horse's movement.

2) The third example of a line spell represents casting at roughly a 30-degree angle (or so it appears to me, just eye-balling it). Any figures in the shaded spaces would be affected by the spell.

Hope this helps.

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