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Thrown weapons clarifications + favored class

Beginner Box

Hi all!

Getting ready to host my first game using the beginner box, I've been reading rules like crazy (including the full rules from the core book) and learning a lot.

First thing that I don't find super clear is the usage of thrown weapons. Nowhere is written explicitly that you need to go fetch your weapon after throwing it, I just wanted to confirm. I guess it's implied because in the full rules there are things like "returning" weapons and such. Also, common sense :)

Suppose then a PC throws a weapon during round 1. During round 2 they'll have to move there, but picking up a weapon is also a move action, meaning that it could happen only at round 3. How would one proceed efficiently with thrown weapons in general?

Second thing is more of a detail. I've been comparing the simplified BB rules to the full rules and usually I understand that BB is a subset of the full rules (or things are automatically chosen for you). One thing I didn't see the equivalent of is the bonus HP/skill granted by levelling up in your favored class. Since PCs in the beginner box can only level up in their starting class, I'd assume it's their favored class automatically, but none of the HP or skill rank bonus appear anywhere, as the other level-up numbers match the ones in the core book. Like I said, detail, but over 5 levels, it could be 5 HP or 5 skill ranks of difference.

Thanks for your help!

Yup you'll have to pick it up

generally. You carry a ton of throwing weapons. Later enchanted stuff. Either blinkbackbelt, or weapon enchanted with called or returning.
you'll need quickdraw feat too sadly.

Generally speaking thrown is pretty harsh and difficult to focus in. If you forum search there are a varity of builds around. that go into detail.

Often the best thrown builds are weird ones or class based. I have an alchemist who throws, but is heavy into poison to do so. And a better version that uses a weird rule moment (blowgun being listed as a thrown weapon and a projectile weapon depending on where you look).
generally it'll end up being the class's stuff that makes throw decent. but it'll really never be better than say a bow

not yet anyway

I dunno about the BB info stuff in the second half.

Generally, thrown weapons aren't a good choice and really hard to make usable.

probably not available in beginners box stuff
but for later on

look up Ricochet toss. it basically allows teh weapon to come back. captain america style

Good to know :) Thanks for your answers!

The BB doesn't really use favored class, but it is easy enough to add in if you like.

Thrown weapons may be a more viable option in the BB since there are fewer competing options overall. If a player wants to throw a lot of weapons, they should purchase several of them and then pick them up after the battle.

Off the top of my head, I don't believe the BB has any returning magical weapons. But again, if you want to add some to your game, it is easily done.



EdOWar wrote:
I don't believe the BB has any returning magical weapons.

The pregen wizard Ezren has a masterwork quarterstaff and the Universalist school power "Hand Of The Apprentice", which says "The weapon ... instantly returns to you."

Not exactly a 'returning magical weapon', but a power you can use several times a day for a melee weapon thrown no more than 30 feet.

The pregen rogue Merisiel, on the other hand, starts with 8 daggers.

Actually, my players figured it out naturally :) One of them indeed just bought lots of daggers and just threw them all around during combat.

One other has a backup throwable axe for dire situations. All in all the players picked the weapons they likes and it worked just fine.

Thanks for the comments!

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You can convert your standard action to a (second) move action. This would allow you to throw a weapon, then in the next round both move towards it and pick it up. But you'd be better of throwing another weapon carried, rather than running around like crazy picking up a weapon you constantly decide to lose ;)

As others have stated, thrown weapons aren't that strong. There are thrown weapon builds that sort of make it work, I suppose.

And it might be a good idea for a melee-type character to carry a thrown weapon or two as a back up. Say you wield a two-handed weapon. Your enemies are currently far away; you can't reach them with a normal move or a charge. Then you could remove a hand from your weapon (a free action), advance towards the enemy with a move action drawing a throwing weapon in the process and then use your standard action to throw said weapon.

It won't be great. You'd suffer at least one range increment penalty. And as a melee guy you probably don't have that high Dex. So you'd be hard pressed to actually hit. But an attack is always nice and it would be hard to accomplish something similar with a proper ranged weapon like a bow if you aren't prepared to drop that two-handed weapon you were carrying.

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