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Alright everybody, I've got some updates for you!

I know I've been a bit silent in the last couple of months, posting mostly on my FB page with updates here and there. I wanted to give everyone an update on my personal status, the status of the website, etc. It feels like it's been long enough.

So, as most of you know, last year on 10/10/15, I got married. My new wife and I took a great honeymoon trip through Europe, visiting Germany, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. After we got back, I returned to my day job and took it easy for a while, doing a few site updates here and there as time allowed.

On 12/31/15, my company said that it was downsizing and let go a half-dozen of the staff. I, unfortunately, was one of those let go. As far as I can tell, there wasn't much I could have done to change that: the others and I were part of the older crew and the business model was going in a different direction. I don't harbor my old job any ill will. That said, it still left me in kind of a pickle. We had spent a lot of money on our honeymoon and some of the wedding and had to come up with a new plan two months into our marriage. Additionally, we were also hit with a few nasty medical bills whose timing could have been... better? :)

We're doing fine. Just going to say that right off the bat, everything's okay. I'm getting unemployment pay, Kat is still working, and I've been studying more in my new free time so I can look into getting some certifications.

What does this all mean for the site? Nothing. This is what I want to reassure everyone on: the site is not going away. Far from it. The patrons I have with Patreon, combined with individual donations and ad revenue, are enough to keep the site running. In truth, upgrading the site's infrastructure isn't far off. I have absolutely no reason to shelve the site in order to save money, and don't ever plan on doing so.

In fact, the site's been growing in a way. In addition to a lot of changes from some of the new books, I've had the good fortune to meet a Pathfinder-fan and javascript developer named Jesse Latimer. Jesse's been spending a lot of his free time and knowledge on improving some of the features that have been requested for a long time. The first one you should already see live: a handy little "Theme" toggle in the upper-right corner of the page. This will finally allow anyone to set the site to whatever preference they want: white font on black background, or black font on white background. In addition, he also adjusted the main menu to scroll with the page, making it a bit easier to navigate elsewhere no matter where you're at.

So, that's about it. I hope that sheds a bit of light on why I've been so quiet recently, but I want to stress again that there's no reason to fear for the Archives. Even in quiet times I am often at work updating books on the back-end, jotting down updates until I can make a massive announcement. Jesse has other great ideas for the site as well that we hope to implement in the coming future (potentially including a new slimmed-down menu for those who are short on width space...).

To all of you who use the Archives of Nethys and continue to do so, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Working on this site gives me immense joy and I can't ever imagine stopping it. Being able to help the players and the Pathfinder Society means the world to me. Thank you all so much.

Until next time!

Your Humble Deity,
Blake "Nethys" Davis

To those involved with my "Acolytes of Nethys" project, you have not been forgotten! Once things are a bit less chaotic, I hope to return to you helpful people. :)

Archives of Nethys
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New Additions
[Adventure Path] Pathfinder #99: Dance of the Damned
[Adventure Path] Pathfinder #100: A Song of Silver
[Adventure Path] Pathfinder #101: The Kintargo Contract
[Adventure Path] Pathfinder #102: Breaking the Bones of Hell
[Campaign Setting] Cheliax, the Infernal Empire
[Campaign Setting] Occult Realms
[Module] The House on Hook Street
[Player Companion] Agents of Evil
[Player Companion] Black Markets
[Player Companion] Weapon Master's Handbook

Site Updates
- A new toggle has been added in the top-right corner, allowing all users to switch between a black font/white background color scheme or a white font/black background.
- The main Nethys menu should now scroll with the screen.

NOTE: For any issues with the above features, please try clearing your cache/refreshing the window a few times. We had a few strange errors when the new code was first launched, but all of them seem to resolve with time. If you do have an issue that does not seem to be resolving, please email me with the details of your system, browser, and the issue you're seeing. I'll do my best to resolve it.

We are aware of a bug with the background not extending fully in the Sources area when viewing a list of Sources in each Product Line; that should be fixed sometime this week.

Coming Soon
[Player Companion] Arcane Anthology

[RPG] Bestiary 5

Well sweet. I'm excited to see what comes of this new internet magician's work. Sorry to hear about the troubles, though.

I have problems of visualization today. All the site's writing appears moved to the left and part of it can't be seen.

Scarab Sages

Had the same problem myself for a bit. Clearing the cache and refreshing it a few times eventually fixed it. Shoot me an email (nethys@archivesofnethys.com) if it continues to persist throughout the day.

Karui Kage wrote:


[RPG] Bestiary 5

That's... gonna be there for a while I suppose :P

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