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Hey guys,

i am pretty new to Pen&Paper and Pathfinder within it, too, but i'd like to make a little single player campaign for my girlfriend, who has shown interest in this. We dont live near each other, so there is no good chance to involve more poeple.

The question i have now is: Which campaign should i run? My DM already told me to better let her level 2 classes at the same time and make encounters like 3x 1/4 cr (for level 1 ofcourse). But he created his own world and plays within it with my group, so i have no idea of the set-up campaigns from paizo.

You have any advice for me, which one is maybe an easy one, without many "strange" things? I can weaken the encounters to fit, so they wont be the problem, but i already heard a lot of things i just thought wtf? how to get that? But nevermind.

Anyone can tell me which campaign is maybe an easy one?

Thank you for your help in advance :)

Get the Beginner's Box.

I wouldn't make all the encounters too easy, as your GM seems to suggest—that gets boring. Instead, I would play fairly fast-and-loose. Energy and fun is worth a lot when you're starting someone out.

Yeah, Beginner's Box should be a great help. Look whether she rather enjoys battles or roleplay, and focus on that. Sometimes foes can be convinced, tricked, intimidated, bribed, evaded etc. ...

Maybe let her play two characters or take a class with a pet at level 1 (druid, wizard, summoner etc.).

For a beginner I would not suggest playing two characters, that can be overwhelming especially with no other players. My first table top game was with me and one other player. We both played two PCs and roleplay suffered because of it.

On the same page having two different class's can be a bit much to try to figure out.

Classes with a pet is defiantly a good option. Also melee classes are easy to figure out to start off with. If she wants a class that doesn't have an animal companion you could just give her one and let it level as if she had levels in that type of class.

If she goes melee don't throw a bunch of magic users at her, avoid most of the Fey types.

Another option is to build a character for you to play with her. Most people hate the idea of a DMPC but they have their purpose. You just have to make sure to keep the DM knowledge of what is going to happen out of your PC's mind. If you go this route let her know that you still want her to be the one making the decisions where the plot goes. You could be a married couple traveling together. Just make your PC as the type to help but let others make the big decisions.

I did this in my first game. I had three players and they needed a tank so I made one. He is married to the Sorcerer. I treat him like I was playing him and no one seems to have an issue with it.

The[url=] Hangman's Noose might be a good module. There are a lot of NPCs. You would need three others but that shouldn't be a big deal. The basic gist of this module is that the PC's are called to jury duty.

You could also have her control two characters, or aid her with one NPC to even the battles. You could play this as her playing a female drow while the other character/NPC is a male drow, which are essentially slaves.

She would be in charge of the drow male since they are submissive by social construct, so even if you control it, it is your girlfriend who is giving orders.

DawnforgedCast has some good youtubes for beginning Pathfinder - and actually teaches his fiancée to play and runs a 1 player setup. Same thing you're doing, and he has a nice world building and campaign design "101" videos as well

DawnforgedCast YouTube channel

If is only you and your girlfriend. Why dont you give a shot to these adventures:

One on One adventures

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