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splash weapon questions

Rules Questions

1.) can you apply str dmg bonus to splash weapon attacks against targets?
2.) if you attack a target that is large or larger and you hit it. it does the target also take splash damage for the other squares in the blast radius?

those are the questions i have for the moment. thanks for the info.

1. No STR damage:

SRD, Equipment, Weapon Rules, Melee and Thrown Weapons wrote:
The wielder applies his Strength modifier to damage dealt by thrown weapons (except for splash weapons).

I wish that line also appeared in other useful places like the combat chapter, to make it easier to find, but there it is.

2. No extra damage on large creatures:

SRD, Combat, Throw Splash Weapon wrote:
If the target is Large or larger, you choose one of its squares and the splash damage affects creatures within 5 feet of that square.

Note that it says you chose ONE of the large creature's squares and the splash damage affects CREATURES (not squares) within 5' of that square. So each creature in the area takes damage only once.

well darn

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