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I was reading over the Dragon Empires Primer. In the religion section it listed the names of the dieties and their 1 paragraph description. Im wanted to play a cleric from Tian Xia. Can someone help me with the domains associated with them?

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If you just want a list with the domains showing, there's one here - just scroll down to deities of Tian Xia. If you wanted something else, please clarify the question.

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Thank you for your help. I am trying to make a cleric of one of the deities of Tian Xia.

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Which deity are you thinking of? Or, alternately, which domains/alignment are you looking to combine?

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I'm thinking of Daikitsu. I'm working on a kitsune cleric for homebrew. I have to go with cleric because I am the only party that mass heals and having a fighting chance.

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Oracle of Life will give you ore healing and Charisma-based casting if you prefer that. Not as cool as domains, though.

What is the Obedience for Daikitsu and could someone provide a link to it? Thanks in advance.

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No obediences have been published for the Tian Xia deities.

Thank you

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