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Adult Kara speaks of going to visit other worlds with her father as "recently" as a few months before Krypton exploded. She reminisces with Mon-El about other worlds that they had both (as Daxamites and Kryptonians) been to.

Not once are the effects of other suns on their physiology brought up. Not once have either of them asked what the heck was going on that there weren't more survivors of Krypton or Daxam out there.

The Daxamites clearly had a fleet capable of interstellar travel. There's literally no reason why Krypton couldn't have had one, as well, given what we know of the Kryptonian sciences and culture in the show.

I really think that this is a case of them not thinking it that far ahead. Someone, somewhere, missed the brief.

In any case, I guess we'll get more info once the new year rolls around.

That and hopefully some more Legionnaires.

Sovereign Court

Set wrote:
MMCJawa wrote:
The folks behind Reign seemed to pretty clearly be an extremist cult...I don't think you can assume there activities are going to be indicative of the Krypton of Kara's upbringing. If Krypton was more warlike in the past, that could very well be hundreds (hell thousands) of years before Kara was born.

That's very much the impression I got from the talk about Reign on the show. (I know nothing about the comic book version of Reign, so that's probably helpful to me.)

Long before Kara's time, according to what the show said, Kryptonians were polytheistic and 'savage,' and Reign comes from that group, that follow something that came about long before Rao became the singular deity (and Kryptonians apparently became a bit more tolerant of both each other and other species).

In the movie/Man of Steel continuity, Krypton used to have a presence all over different star systems (explaining why they had outposts and scout ships scattered as far as Earth), but had retreated inwards and become more insular stay-at-homes as their civilization began to retract (perhaps the low birth rates that tend to accompany greater wealth and education, taking it's toll?), to the degree that there didn't seem to be any functioning spacecraft left (since there was no point to have them, so that they had to whip one up on the spot for baby Kal) when Krypton blew up.

Why Jor-El and Lara couldn't whip one up with room for themselves as well, who knows. "No, no, we'll just stay here and die, for like, no reason at all, and hope the benighted savages we are shooting you at don't blow you out of the sky, or eat you when you land. It's in the script. Nothing for it, really."

Ditto Kara's parents. "No, you go on dear, we'll catch the next train..."

Not like they could actually harm him.

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Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Companion Subscriber

Ok so new episode lots of goodies (STREAKY!)

and of course the internet being what it is people are complaining that Brainy isn't Green

Personally, I think he was a pretty good Brainy.

sure green would have been ideal, but when you interact with virtual scenery green is not exactly the best color choice.


Honestly I would think people would be more upset about Imra being a Telekinetic instead of a Telepath.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

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Loved Streaky, though felt Kara's dream sequence went a little long.

It seemed like Reign post injury was out for awhile and then went right back to Reifn-ing. It was hard to follow the passage of time, but I assume this all means Sam never came home for dinner, and has possibly even been gone a day or two. So wtf is Ruby, the world's most stupid child, doing? I can dig her initially presuming Sam's working late as usual, but wouldn't she eventually get worried and call someone, like Lena, Kara, or Alex? I was expecting this to happen, but unless it did while I was in the bathroom or something, it seems a rather dangling plotline.

I guess it's a sign of how old my TV is that I thought Brainy was green. Oh well. Otherwise, it was a fun episode where nearly every character got to have a moment.

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Finally settling in to watch it on the CW App, and I gotta say, I love this Brainiac 5. He's done really well. Especially his unabashed nerd-out over meeting Supergirl.

I'd have liked the LOSH costumes to not be Generic Bad@$$ black, but they work.

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