Working on a cavalier guide some opinions requested


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I'm done with it except the build section where I am keeping to form from my rogue guide and using a mix of multi classing. Here's the basics, if anyone has suggestions to improve please let me know.

1) Deadliest mount- Takes total of 3 levels of primal companion hunter for 3 points of spontaneous evolutions as needed and nat fang spells
-17 levels of beast rider for more progressing options and beast rider power ups
-aasamar for celestial servant feat
Eventually you get a larger, stronger celestial tiger mount that can spontaneously get wings and wing buffet, or pounce/trample.

2) Shadow knight- basically takes total of 15 levels of daring champion with order of seal
-Human for extra feat
-1 level of cleric for darkness and travel domains
-4 levels of shadow dancer
Essentially shadow dancer is all about evasion, 1 rogue talent, shadow companion, and shadow jump. Cleric level enhances mobility, access to wands, and blindfighting feat for free (count ranalc) and because patron good seems secretive for order fo seal stuff. Daring champion rounds out the dex cha thing you have going. Alternately could go duegar and droskar for darkness/trickery combo.

3) Gray Templar- basically is a cavalier into gray warden and low templar mixed up into a self righteous turn coat. IT is a weirdly effective mix, make it a tiefling if you want more fluff fun.

4) Green Knight- Mix cavalier with a level of oracle and go into nature warden for a weirdly interesting nature themed knight.

5) Dragon knight- basically use a dip to gain draconic bloodline and get into dragon disiple... might do bloodrager build might go order of dragon because reasons.

6) General Marshal- mix bard and cavalier into battle herald to make a team friendly sort.

7) Lancing destruction- small cavalier with optimized spirited charging.

Any other suggestions for an 8th build anything you want in the builds presented?

(Fighter,Barb,Etc) 1 / Cav (Order of the Sword) 9 / Mammoth Rider 10
The stall dip is to get Coordinated Charge as the Cav 9 teamwork feat (another one needs to be taken before then, but w/e)
Hits like a truck.

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Order of the sword is crazy good for mounted builds. Nice combo

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Well a couple builds i have been brainstorming:

Green knight style build-Wisdom based, dips infilitrator/sacred huntsman inquisitor with trickery domain to qualify for nature warden, half-orc for endurance and take levels in horizon walker: Dragoon Fighter 1/beast rider Cavalier 3/inquistor 2(trickery)/horizon walker 3 (astral for the sweet dimension door)Mammoth Rider 1/Nature Warden 10

hes got dimension door, makes a great face, some inquisitor casting, and a good companion/mount, take 1 level of dragoon fighter over cavalier for heavy armor (beast rider) and the 2 feats

Another build is a modified battle herald:
Daring champion 4/Paladin 2/Arcane duelist bard 1/Evangilist cleric (travel) 1/Battle Herald 10/cleric 2

Good saves, dex based wields a rapier and banner in offhand. I would go something with a SLA so arcane duelist bards free arcane strike doesnt go to waste.

My cavalier shade is differant. Why skip the mount?
I go beast master&emisssry&honor guard together.
My trex mount is the grappling wall that tank and hold opponents.
I take order of the dragon for ultimate protection (bodygaurd for 5-6,to armor),or order of the sword for truck hits.
At level 9-11 i take 3 lvls of shadow dancer .
So... I can tank, move full with medium armors, have a full tank trex . can spring attack and vanish into the darkness.
Can use shadow for flanks and scouts.
And still do ok power attacks and charges wheb needed

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RPG Superstar Season 9 Top 32

Guide is Written... I'm still working out the Builds section but here's the first one

Do you guys like the format of the build?

When I played Cavalier, one of my problems was ladders, and other forms of 90 degree movement. Getting access to Carry Companion was the solution.

How? Cavalier got no spells...
Thata the upper side or ranger, or druid.

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the build I posted gets 4 levels of hunter thus can do it. It is a 2nd level spell and a good number of cavalier builds have high cha so dangerously curious and skill point investment = put it in a wand.

Party members helped, in my case. Specifically, A summoner made me a magic item, but he may have fudged it, especially given he cycled into being DM about the same time. Also, a cavalier and a pouncer eidolon with coordinated charge are vicious.

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Hope you guys like it I took special care on multiclassing and archetypes

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Added to the Guide to the Guides!

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