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Dire croc antics

Gamer Talk

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So my pirate PCs run into a pirate that wants to take them. My PCs have a dire crocodile zombie. They attached a ballista to its head and submarined up close to the pirates. Launch ballista and crit the mast of npc pirates with rope attached. Proceed to pull ship over on side. The pirates could not find the rope due to glitterdust and more bolts with darkness attached to them.

It was great fun.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

That... that sounds awesome!

I would love to hear the story of how they acquired a dire crocodile zombie. Is someone running a necro?

Not a necro just a 5th level evil cleric.

With desecrate, a fast dire croc just barely fits in the control bucket.

They were in Bloodcove and hired some locals and used some magic to find a dire croc. They found it and went nova to kill it. Then they rode it back to Bloodcove and got anthual belt and muleback cords. They had to pay extra for the slot but it now can carry 300 tons(the whole boat).

Once back the paid some hefty bribes and now have a license to have there as long as it is not in city proper. It can stay with the boat. Total cost was about 8k.

The are evil in way that freaks out other evil. They litterally have a few ghouls in the crew who stay one since they get to eat sailors who do not surrender and the PCs partake as well. They revel in pure horror.

It will not work again but rule of cool lets it happen the first time.

Next time they'll just do it with a dire shark :D

Take them on the new high tech AP get some lasers and strap those on its head, now that is what epic is about.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Sounds like one of those precious moments when murder-hoboism is poetic and darkly humorous. And hey, at least they ACCEPT surrender; so at least they've got that going for them. ;)

One thing I would like to ask is how did they fire bolts that had darkness cast on them with any degree of accuracy? I realize that there are ways to do it, just asking.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Tiefling sla allows you to see through your own darkness.

No laser sharks this time.

They do accept surrender. They even show mercy randomly and give 10 GP to those they let go. About 1 in 10 gets that. Something about building a rep.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Adding to Necro Dire Croc lore....I love watching this story evolve. Definitely my new favorite Rule of Cool moment

The yeth hound 20 feet over the water getting charged by the croc was pretty cool as well. Most the PC fell off the cleric hung on.

the advice thread becomes a campaign journal

True, I guess others can learn from it. Not sure where to put it since it is PF and not general discussion.

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