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The Fighter Unchained! Let's get the Fighter into PF Unchained

Product Discussion

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Sovereign Court

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Martial Flexibility should be a fighter-only combat feat accessed via class feature by the Brawler.

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 16

Meh. Brawler should be a fighter archetype.


Sovereign Court

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber Subscriber; Pathfinder Deluxe Comics Subscriber
Aelryinth wrote:

Meh. Brawler should be a fighter archetype.


I'm not so fond of them either, but there's an MMA fan type dude in our group that's played three of those in a row now, so it does appeal to a certain demographics....

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 16

Anybody can brawl.

Brawlers are more fun then fighters because of martial flexibility. If you made a UA spec fighter with martial flexibility, the brawler pretty much has nothing to go on.

Scaling UA damage for giving up heavier armor profs would be a reasonable swap out.


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I personally think the fighter should be able to learn as many feats as a wizard automatically gets to learn spells a level.

Also, if you have high enough stats for the feats power attack, weapon finesse, and combat expertise(dropped this to ten) you get those as options available during your round without taking the feat. You are also considered to have the feat(s) for purposes of feats tied to those feats.

Fighter also gets class level added to acrobatics, climb, escape artist, intimidate, profession(sailor, soldier.etc), perception(also a class skill), ride, and swim. These count as ranks to qualify for feats and or any other abilities.

Instead of Bravery just give them a good will save. It's the same as changing it to a flat bonus to their Will save.

Sovereign Court

In my opinion, a fighter needs to be adaptable to every situation. If you've ever heard of Iron Heroes and its innovations for Low Magic Tactical Combat, that's the kind of feel you're looking for with a fighter. For instance, a fighter taking on a bunch of Orcs. He should be able to pull out a crossbow and skewer an Orc's face with a single blow. When the Orcs charge forward, pull out his longspear and pike one of the bastards through the chest. Then when the Orcs get close, pull out a sword and shield and hold the line against the green tide. Oh an Orc's greataxe breaks the sword you're wielding, well you take the broken end of the sword and shove it through is gullet then kick him backward with your right foot.

Fighters should also be masters of debilitating targets and drawing aggro. That hell demon melts your magical sword and you got no way to hurt it. Well it shouldn't prevent the fighter from climbing up the demon's body and punching it the eye, blinding it while your allies with the proper weapons take advantage of the distraction. In other words a fighter needs to be able to adapt to every situation. The Feat Chains and Archetypes streamline a fighter, when a fighter should be a master of war and weapons, the ultimate badass.

About 1-year old necro... Just enough to qualify for the zombie thread template.

I think it's a bit late to get the Fighter into Unchained.

Outside of homebrewing, that is :/ . TBH an unchained fighter would have been much more welcome than an unchained barbarian, maybe even the summoner.

To be honest, Unchained did have a lot of stuff for the fighters - combat stamina, variant skills, etc - but it was not meant to be. Was there ever a statement why there was no unchained fighter, by the way?

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 16

Because obviously the way to fix the fighter is just to fix a few feats and add a non-standard additional unsupported resource system. There, see, all better?


Well I'm sure there have been many, many, many ideas expressed to "fix" the fighter, but here is my two cents.

1. Allow all archetypes to gain weapon or armor focus in their particular specialization rather then removing it for said abilities. This allows your spear or longsword or two-weapon, etc specialist to gain extra hit and damage abilities with their weapon, which increases the base ability of the fighter which is to hit things and take hits.

2. Up the Will save of the fighter. Giving it two good saves won't lessen the value of other martial characters, since the ranger/paladin/barbarian/cavalier/ get better special abilities to compensate. (kind of in the cavalier's part). This helps against the enchantment/compulsion/etc issue we see all the time.

3. The healing surge ability mechanic from 5th and 4th Ed is another good idea. Since hp are a simulation of a person's physical toughness or luck to avoid, create a surge pool or healing ability that levels as the fighter does to allow him or her to regain lost hp.

4. Also following the pool idea, (since it seems to be the "new" limit special ability rule), create a inspiration pool that allows the fighter to gain extra feats or a reroll on an attack roll, etc. and/or maintains some constant abilities like grit or panache does for the gunslinger/swashbuckler/monk etc. This allows you to simulate special maneuvers without getting into anime territory or spellcasting simulation via Tome of Battle or Path of War that causes people to get a bad taste in their mouth.

5. Build an archetype similar to the qi-gong monk that allows the fighter to pick from a range of special abilities that tape into the pool above.

I'm really not the best at this,but here goes

For starters, bump skill points to 4+Int, and add skills like Acrobatics.
As for saves, I'm not sure. I feel like 2 good/1 bad wouldn't be out of line, but nothing really popped out at me
To get to the real meat and potatoes of it, I'd probably start with removing weapon Training, in favor of something like "Chosen Weapon" or "Favored Weapon". Starting at level 1, it'd grant a +2 to hit/damage, and increase at levels 5, 10, 15, and 20. The main difference would be that you would be able to, with enough time (An hour?), change your favored weapon. You would be able to do this once a day at level 1, twice at 5, etc.
The second big idea I had was with weapon-specific feats. (Weapon Focus/Spec, Improved Crit, etc). At some level, the Unchained Fighter could maybe gain the ability to change the weapon to that of his favored weapon. I'm not sure when something like this would come online, or if there should be a limit on the number of feats you can swap a day, but I would say regardless of the limits it should take a full day to do so.
The third big idea/change would be to take Advanced Weapon/Armor training, and bake them right into the class. With the AWT, you could even take some of the unique abilities from archetypes of the original Fighter (Like Pole-arm Master's ability to attack adjacently) and place them in. These could be traded out too, at a rate of 1/day.
You'd still have your "main focus" which would be where your feats are spent, but it would allow you to switch between weapons somewhat effectively, and be the "Weapons Guy" to an extent

Maybe they should incorporate stamina tricks in this unchained fighter as class feature.

Lemmy wrote:

- I'd go with Good Fort and Reflex (Fighters are supposed to be paragons of physical combat, after all).

- 4 skill points per level is cool, although I'd not be against it getting 6. All Fighters have is mundane abilities, after all, they should be really good at it. Add Acrobatics, Heal and Perception to their list of class skills.

- Give Fighters an ability to bypass some feat prerequisites. e.g.: Add their Fighter level to their Int/Wis/Cha score for the purpose of fulfilling prerequisites for Combat Feats.

- In fact, remove Int 13 and Combat Expertise from the least of prerequisites of feats that have nothing to do with either of them. Stop adding prerequisites just because of a feat's name!

- Bravery should apply against mind-control and possession effects, and at some point, Fighters should become immune to Fear, Fatigue and Exhaustion.

- Weapon Training should provide the same bonus to all weapon groups, instead of giving smaller and smaller bonus. Fighters should also get Martial Versatility/Mastery for free at some point.

- Mobility is an issue for all martials. Every class should be able to move and still be effective, so I'd rather this fix wasn't class specific. That said, at 20th level, Fighters should be able to full attack as a standard action.

- Feat Chains should be mostly gone. Most of them do nothing but harm the game balance. They stop marital classes from doing anything other than full attacking and rob Fighters of their main class feature.

- Create more feats that are actually useful and not locked behind an insurmountable wall of awful prerequisites. Make them do something other than increase DPR too. Weapon Focus/Specialization is extremely boring! Give us more feats like Lunge and Cornugon Smash, useful and interesting.

I think your the only one that I can completely agree with. I think the broadened bravery makes up for bad will save. archetypes could be used to give it a good will and replace bravery for the right flavor.

here is my personal low key ones
1. bump up their skill amounts by 2 so 4/per or 6/per for some archetypes
2. give them a pounce maneuver at an appropriate level.
3. This one is tricky the skill system needs to be improved a bit for higher levels to allow greater actions with skill check something like a 60 foot leap with a dc 30 and etc.
4. use the weapon and armor training stuff
5. I allow the master craftsman feat to be usable with just the craft skill no other item creation feats required. Example: So you have skill craft weapons and the master craftsman feat and you can use it to make all magic weapons (this is the only one I use for my games)

from another thread but seemed like the place to put it. I also like some of the ideas others have posted but ill get back to you guys on that.

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