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My second Guide


Here i've tried to do a Nonclassic Transmuter Wizard Guide: Here

Any comment, advice will be appreciated.
Hoping to have done a nice job...

Right off the bat, you should include a brief description of what the guide seeks to accomplish. You dive right in, and while I was intrigued by the concept, without a description I didn't know if the guide applied to my character concept.

edit: Actually the more I look through your guide, the more confused I am.
assume by transmuter wizard, you mean a wizard who focuses on transmuting, but tell me how this is supposed to work. What's the concept? What will this look like at different levels? How does feat choice impact this?

The guide looks solid but it's missing a central focus to keep it solid.

Grand Lodge

Eldritch Knight is the BBF you mentioned. Saw no mention of him Tho.

BaB will still be somewhat important to you if your swinging a weapon or natural attacks.

I think very few people play a transmuter who uses his familiar as the target of his Polymorphs. Form of the dragon with a few castings of Transformation will make a fearsome Front Liner.

You could also Polymorph him into other cool things that could be an advantage. You just have to have a good knowledge of the different monsters and rules of Polymorph.

People with 3.5 mindset shy away from sending a familiar in but In pathfinder it just cost gold to replace him and doesn't hurt the character.

first thing: wanna thanks all :)

@Sub-Zero: BBF is assumed to Polymorph hisself. GC not; you probably take less advantage on polymorph yourself in a range build, unless you go for Centaur and similar.

@Fruian: Wizard's BAB is poor. BAB can be solved through multiclassing, maybe i can focus on that section of the guide more.
Eldritch Knight is a Prestige Class, and yes, you got it, i've not included Prestige Classes, and i'll do the earlier i can!
Familiar Polymorph will be add as well :) i'll make a section for this!

Thanks guys, i'll fix it when i can :)

Grand Lodge

Welcome...last thing I noticed is how low you ranked the Elf. yes the -2 con is terrible BUT every other stat is premo for a Wizard or Int caster of any type. Elf is IMHO the best Wizard race bar none.

I've consider it, but for Focusing on Polymorph and Melee/Range is not a good choice to have -2CON and +2INT, i'm assuming to have the INT wrote in "Roles"

EDIT: and thanks again!

RE-EDIT: and if you have other advices are really welcome :3 i'm trying to do my best, but these are the first guides for me :)

Liberty's Edge

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I'm playing an Eldritch Knight Transmuter wizard at the moment. Here are a few things I've been contemplating:
Alchemical Affinity and/or Varisian Tattoo feats for improved duration on my polymorph spells.
Shifter's Headband for longer-lasting polymorphs.
Multimorph Arcane Discovery for improved flexibility.

Grand Lodge

Keerawa Have you seen Transmuter trait? Adds +1 CL to transmutation spells you cast. AND it extends one of the animal buffs. Its better than a feat. Tho it is a magical trait.

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