Orthodox Banjoist's Guide To The Summoner


I'm writing this guide, started just yesterday 'cause i noticed that The Summoner's Handbook is only CORE-APG.

I hope doing a good job. Now my question: Metamagic feats are not for summoner, but if you must take'em, which you'd like more?

thanks for the help!

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Quicken spell if you can't afford the Rod. Yes you only get up to 3rd level spells but a quickened Haste is better then wasting your Standard on buffing the party and summons. That's the one that comes to mind to me. Action economy is extremely powerful.

Getting a Rod of Quicken you can then quicken Maze or some of your 6th level spells.

thank you for the help Fruian!!!

i forgot the link XD : Work in Progress

Any tips is welcome :) it's my first so...

Change your font.

For the love of god, change your FONT.

ahaha XD what you think will be good?

Many people like to do Melee builds for Summoners, due to the fact that they wear armor, have 3/4 BAB and can still cast. A 1 level dip in Barbarian for instance can gain them a Mithril Breastplate and they can take feats in conjunction with their Eidolon to make them a solid pair. Once they hit 10th level, the aspect can allow them to use Evolution points to increase their Str or Con as well, and a 2 level dip in paladin can give them amazing save bonuses and a 1/day smite. It isn't as bad as you are playing it up to be.

The half-orc racial archetype actually is really good for a 4 level dip, you can put together a UMD build on a small eidolon, and pick up some decent buffing spells in a Melee build, and you can have them eat your kills for extra Evolution points. It's actually pretty awesome for a Barbarian, Battlerager, or even a Dragon Disciple.

Also, Mounted builds can be exciting as well and since they can buff as well as ride. For people who are sick of horses and riding dogs, you can ride whatever crazy thing you can think up.

thank you for the advice.
i'm not still wrote the Archetype's section; when i will, i'll consider what you said :D

The past tense (imperfect form) of Build in English is Built, not Builded, I think.

I can nitpick the grammar some more, or would you prefer me not too?
Otherwise, the material itself looks quite good. Impressive how you covered ALL of the feats!

Thank you velix :D no please continue nitpick... i'm italian, so i've "an italian common handicap" with english XD!

yes :) i'm trying to do this complete.
I covered all Feats for which summoner can qualify.

Font - changed
working on spells.

Summoners have quite a lot of battlefield control. That makes persistent spell a decent choice for them. They don't have a huge number of spells per day which makes extend not a terrible option. While they don't get may damaging spells dazing remains one of the best metamagic feats around and could find a spot in some set ups.

You should probably put a note somewhere that Noble Scion of War will generally outstrip Improved Initiative as a feat somewhere in the mid levels for Charisma focused summoners. Also they stack.

thanks for the advice!

Here we are, i think now someone can control if it's complete or something is wrong! Thank you :)

Reduced font size for easier scrolling.

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