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[Spoilers] Funny Rise of the Runelords Moments

Rise of the Runelords

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My players had backstories that, very coincidentally, all pointed them towards Hook Mountain at the same time.

The alchemist was tracking down his former mentor, who joined the Black Arrows, but left a clone to incubate under Turandurok (among other clues) that the alchemist completely overlooked.

The ranger was looking for a father he'd never met, who I said was Kaven Windstrike (and renamed him Brenthain to match the backstory). He heard the name while they were in Magnimar.

So, the way the adventure went:
Rumors of no Black Arrow news for weeks in Magnimar
Ranger hears the name Brent, but doesn't make the connection at first
Party gets their hands on the letter to Xanesha
Party decides to head back to Sandpoint for reasons like "I own the sanitorum now. Need to check in and se if Habe's burned the place down." before heading up to Fort Rannick.
Since they're in Sandpoint, Shalelu asks them to help her find her estranged father, another Black Arrow
Alchemist finds clone of his mentor, and presses Ilsoari for info, learning that his mentor is ALSO a black arrow now
Based on the previous they figure that Brent = Brenthain

They didn't even need to talk to Magnimar's Lord Mayor to know where they had to go next...

They dubbed it Plot Hook Mountain

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Our best two moments came back to back from our summoner who sometimes struggles with RP.

I just knew there would be trouble when Shayliss targeted him. He was all too happy when he realized there were no rats in the basement and summoned his eidolon (giant slime worm) to join in the festivities.

Fortunately he heard Ven coming down the stairs and when he walks in, stands over the bed, waves his arms, dismisses the eidolon and goes, "whew, glad we took care of that! Let me know if you have any more problems!" I made him roll a bluff check and he dropped a nat 20 on the table. It was amazing.

He then goes to the hagfish to celebrate and rolls a nat 1 on the challenge. Hero to zero in about 5 minutes .

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I can't remember her name but the kobold barbarian should have been nothing to my party, but the players just rolled so terribly that I'm leveling her up to be a new fight.

Nobody passed the perception check to find her (which is amazing because some of them have +20 or more to perception) everybody rolled low with a couple 1s when she went last in initiative, the alchemist accidentally tangle Bombed the party, then she got to go.

Natural 20,20 to confirm, almost takes the magus out in one hit. Next time alchemist goes he rolls triple 1s (we use the triple 20 is an insta kill and triple 1s is instant death rule) and blows himself up, splash damage hits the party.

They finally start hitting her, and she runs down small tunnels, but nobody pursues.

A few rooms later, paladin notices a necklace on the ground, magus remembers identifying that the kobold had a necklace of fireballs, and that's when the paladin gets hit by one of the fireballs. She rolls the save since she is holding the necklace, and rolls a 1 causing the rest to explode, paladin dies.

No other monster in the game has successfully killed 2 members of the party, and the single kobold managed to, and almost got a 3rd and 4th.

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So my group of 2nd level newbies made it to the end of the Caverns of Wrath. Erylium is hiding up on a ledge, out of melee range, doing 1-2 damage with dagger -- her summons both dead and slumbers all saved-on. None of the players has ranged attacks other than the ranger, who has a normal longbow. The sorcerer's last magic missile has done an ineffective 4-points of magic (healed long ago by Erylium's fast-heal-2. The unchained monk is occasionally getting in a Shuriken for 0-1 after +4 for strength -5dr.

The ranger, whose 1d8-damage arrows are piercing dr only occasionally, gets frustrated and throws down her bow, and whips out the pearl-handled piece-of-art Ranseur they had pried from the statue of Alaznist and takes a poke at the quasit.

20 confirmed. 18 strength. Power attack.
6d4+27. 43 - 5dr is enough to drop her in one hit after all those wasted rounds.

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Kral, my bec-de-corbin wielding Dwarven Barbarian had a few funny moments (before Nualia the b**** killed the entire party)

Swallowtail Festival: We had some games going and he did a weightlifting challenge (of course without raging), rolled something between 17 and 20 and was honored with the title "The mighty". As he and the party were cheering about that, someone noted: "Well at least until the next challenge in fall". So he was now the famous

"Kral the Mighty until fall"

Boar Hunt:
Hunting Boar with Aldern was a mess! Nobody hit the boar and it took one char to negative hitpoints and also nearly downed Kral. Kral himself was constantly missing. When his third or fourth swing did nothing but trenching the forest soil, the party awarded him with his second title:

"Kral the raging Farmer"

There were some more, but I don't remember, since it was more than a year ago.

Well it's more sad than funny, but after Kral died, I started Thorgrosch a 4th level "Mystic Theurge". Being only 4th level he was a Cleric 3 / Empyrial Sorcerer 1. He was LG to the eyballs and achieving exactly nothing in combats, but I loved to play him. After finishing Book 2 he was now CLE 3 / SOR 4 / MT 0 - a seventh level PC with 2nd level spells - YAY! And this was the point where I had to move 250 miles because of a new job and leave the party. 4 levels of painful uselessness without ever reaching one level of my prestige class...

Now I'm GMing a group of 6 players, actually playing Jacobs Tower (3PP and great) and looking forward to start RotRL in 2 or 3 month.

(Please excuse my language - no native speaker!)

I have a Goblin character in the campaign I'm running. He was introduced during the goblin raid on Sandpoint. One of the first things he did was jump up on a table, aiming purposely at a goblin, and fired the arrow. His intent was to show the guards that he was helping them, rather than an enemy combatant.

Instead, he rolled a critical failure, and ended up hitting one of his soon-to-be party members in the back. So all the guard saw was a goblin deliberately aiming, and shooting one of the people in the crowd.

He got off lucky by getting captured.

Dark Archive

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber Subscriber

My party just got to the Pinnacle of Avarice and had earned enough XP to make it to 16th level, and I have a house rule that says PCs need to rest and reflect on their deeds to gain that level. Basically, if you're in the middle of clearing a dungeon, you need to take an evening before the bonuses you get for the new level take effect. So, naturally, after killing a bunch of wardens of wind and a warden of runes, they decide that they want to rest and gain that sweet last level of the campaign.

They don't decide to retreat, though. Instead, the party wizard decided to cast magnificent mansion, and rest in the magical opulence it provides.

Let me reiterate that. The party wizard, who is only 15th level, decided to create an extradimensional space inside the tower of a powerful evil wizard from ten millennia ago, and figured that nothing would happen.

Yeah, that didn't slide with me either. Khalib came along, saw the door (he has see invisibility on, so there was no problem finding the location of the door), summoned several monsters (I chose an elder fire elemental and about three bearded devils), and cast greater dispel magic to evict the party, who was sound asleep and unarmored at that time. I had planned to just spam the greater dispel magic until I hit the number Khalib needed to evict the party, but I only needed the once, as it turned out.

So the party wakes up, prone, mostly unarmored, and without any real buffs. Meanwhile they're surrounded by three CR 5 devils, a CR 11 elemental, and Khalib, a 16th level transmuter. He still lost, but the party was properly pissed, and they beat a hasty retreat before heading back to Sandpoint to rest and recover.

The moral of the story? Don't taunt the evil wizard that has forgotten more magic than you in his own home.

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Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Where do I start, I guess party comp, I have a four player party of an elf Wizard(divination), human Alchemist(Grenadier), half-elf Druid(fire domain), and a dwarf Druid(earth domain).

Festival and Fire


In the very first session the fire druid was grappled by two goblins who then tried to carry him off. The party wasn't grouped up well during the fight and the only one who saw this was the alchemist who offered, "I could throw a bomb at them, if you think that's okay"



The dwarf has the best charisma of the party and was the first to go to the Vinder's store. He bought Shayliss's story about the rats, followed her down into the cellar and when he figured out wha she really wanted yelled at her stormed up the stairs, slammed his money on the counter for the goods he had come for then with Vin entering the shop while he was leaving told him "you need to talk to your little WHORE of a daughter."
Fast forward to the skinsaw man. The party went to tell her about the death of her sister. The wizard with his abysmal charisma got bored with the others beating around the bush about the issue and just blurted out "You're sister's dead". She blames the dwarf in her grief since he got her in trouble. She runs up to him and starts flailing against him. He responds by one shot gut punching her. Now he has a restraining order against him.

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My players had already cleared out most of Thistletop including the villain of the first book (staying vague to avoid spoilers in this intro). All they had left to do in book one was figure out how to open the special doorway downstairs and clear out what was behind it.

They had been complaining about a general lack of offensive magic treasure, when I allowed them to buy a Wand of Magic Missiles. Their VERY first encounter with their new wand was that door....

And Here's What Happened:

They found the coin slots. I described them as being pretty big for coin slots because I wasn't sure how they pictured the coins in the game and didn't want to make them quarter-sized and make it impossible to figure out. So, to make sure they could take any reasonably-imagined coin, they were two inch by half inch rectangles.

They put a couple things other than coins in the slot, and I had those things whisked away to the treasury but they didn't open the door.

"Hey! Maybe it needs a magical sacrifice! I drop my Wand of Magic Missiles in!"

Uh, okay!

I'd already established everything vanishes, so okey dokey! One less wand!

About five seconds later, they figured it out. There was much head banging.

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Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Here's one related to that special doorway:

My group just hit the gap between Sins of the Saviors and Spires of Xin-Shalast and was discussing approaches to the city.

When they encountered the doorway under Thistletop, they deduced that the coins must be magically transported into a vault. So one of the players suggested using Polymorph Any Object to turn themselves into gold coins and then have someone insert them into the coin slots! Then, when the spell expires, they escape the vault and are in Xin-Shalast.

Fortunately, the idea was shot down.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Narsham wrote:
Fortunately, the idea was shot down.

That was actually quite a brilliant plan, in it's own incredibly fool-hardy way. Just out of curiosity, how would you have ruled it?

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber
Mr. Grogg wrote:
Narsham wrote:
Fortunately, the idea was shot down.
That was actually quite a brilliant plan, in it's own incredibly fool-hardy way. Just out of curiosity, how would you have ruled it?

I had already decided way back in the first adventure that the coins went to a secondary vault Karzoug maintained on a demi-plane, so they'd have ended up there. Given that I could force them to go to the dwarf cabin via a side-quest one of the characters got himself into by dealing with Mammy Graul's witch patron in order to get a hold of some of her spells, after they'd killed Mammy off, I probably would have allowed them to get to Xin-Shalast by breaking out of the vault.

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I know once of the other players is planning on posting a larger session report, but I thought I'd share two things that have happened recently in Chapter 2.

Foxglove Townhouse:
So we enter the townhouse and meet the Faceless Stalkers. One of our party uses the Stalker's Mask to mimic Aldren Foxglove. He still has the appearance when we come across the deeds and paperwork, and a plan is hatched. When all is said and done, a priest in our party had officiated the wedding of "Aldren Foxglove" and another member of our party (a Chillaxian heiress). Some paperwork and coin and she's now Lady Korva Larrison Foxglove (and our party now owns a Townhouse and a Manor).

Skinsaw Cult:
We cornered, and un-charmed (rather accidentally) Justice Ironbriar who immediately surrendered and offered information in return for a chance to escape. After some deft diplomacy, we were able to make an arrangement to team up WITH the Skinsaw Cult to attack the Shadow Cult and submit evidence of Xenisha's deeds to the Council, pegging her as the mastermind, clearing the Justice, who in return promised to clear our names (as we'd stirred up some trouble in Sandpoint and were currently wanted). Yes, we're going to ally WITH the Skinsaw Cult.

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I ran The Thing In the Attic Saturday, and it had a very unexpected ending.

They could tell Habe was hiding something, but weren't sure what it was. Habe had his orderlies bring Grayst downstairs in order to avoid disturbing the other patients. After the meeting, they camped out on the bluff above the hospital, hoping to see activity giving a hint to what was going on. When they saw nothing all night, they returned in the morning.

They insisted on going upstairs to see Grayst again, but Habe insisted that he would be brought down again. The PCs decided this was just too suspicious and surprised me by immediately attacking Habe at the door, using non-lethal damage. Habe ran, screaming, to Zaircarlu's door and began pounding and screaming, "Help! There's crazy people attacking us! And not the ones that live here! Help!"

In the meantime, the orderlies scattered, afraid to face the heavily armed and totally unreasonable intruders.

Then they managed to Charm Habe, despite the penalty for Charming somebody who you're attacking. So he became friendly and escorted some of the party upstairs while some stayed downstairs. And one stayed on the 2nd floor while two went to the third. So the party was split three ways.

Zaicarlu, in the meantime, had his zombies exit through the exterior cellar door and attack the ground floor from outside, going in through the doors. But the party's Warpriest killed all four zombies in a single round with channelling. Zaicarlu decided that he wasn't a match for somebody who took down all his toys so quickly, and used his potion of Gaseous Form to escape before anybody even saw him.

At the time, I assumed Zaicarlu would become a future villain. But then things took a turn for the unexpected.

After killing Pidget and Grayst and putting Habe (who had been knocked unconscious in the fight with Grayst) into a bed, they searched the place and found Zaicarlu's journal entry about trying to find a way to trace ghoul lineage.

They decided that Zaicarlu was obviously a researcher doing important work that could be useful. He's actually one of the good guys, they decided.

And then Habe woke up, pissed.

Knowing he was caught in the obviously illegal act of aiding a necromancer and all the stuff that goes with it, he offered them a deal: "If you don't report me for the oh-so-heinous-and-horrible crime of doing my best to help my patients heal, or at least be comfortable for as long as possible, and then after they die through no fault of my own, donating the bodies they aren't using anymore to a scientist doing (admittedly illegal) important work on trying to find ways preserve life and save even those who seem beyond saving; then I won't report you for attacking my hospital without provocation, terrorizing my employees, and killing some of my patients. I know people won't look kindly on my relationship with a person they won't approve of, but it seems you've got more to lose here."

They said, "That sounds fair. But when Zaicarlu returns, please let him know we'd like to discuss his work with him and maybe help him if we can."

So Habe is back in business and has blackmail material over the party, Zaicarlu gets to continue his work, and the party is working towards allying with a necromancer.

I find that hilarious.

Shadow Lodge


I presume Habe will begin finding ways to insulate himself from any accusations while gaining more leverage over the PCs. And of course Zaicarlu will begin slowly working to corrupt the PCs. Possibly even infecting some of them with ghoul fever.

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Last night the same group I described above continued on to The Misgivings.

I thought my head was going to explode under the effort of keeping a poker face when one of the players blurted out:

"Wait! Aldern's father didn't actually die here! He faked it and now he's studying in the basement of that sanitarium! Zaicarlu is Aldern's dad!"

And everybody looked at her with surprise and sudden comprehension as they all clearly decided she'd figured it out and was totally right.

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If the players come up with something really amazing, then run with it even if it was totally not your original idea ;)

Shadow Lodge

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Run with it. Run like the wind!

Dark Archive

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber Subscriber

DM Rule #53: "If a player states a theory that's way cooler than what you originally thought of, run with it and pretend that they were right all along."

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

That is how I ran my Best Campaign Ever which even included the (at that point Big Bad) realizing Destiny meant he was going to achieve Godhood and then be struck down moments afterward. Realizing he was already immortal and very very powerful, he said "eff it" shows up before the PCs, gives them the artifacts for Godhood and instructions on how to destroy them, and then says "I quit, I'm going on vacation. Bye!"

The group was dumbfounded and then after 30 seconds I heard one plaintive voice ask "can he do that?"

(The campaign continued as they had to destroy the abolith and other stuff came up thanks to those artifacts. But I still love that one tiny little voice...)

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