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Question about Windsong Abbey (Spoilers)

Shattered Star

Grand Lodge

Okay so at the end of my current group's RotRL campaign the lvl 20/M1 Cleric Scion of Aroden decided to reboot Windsong Abbey. With the current power of the forces that lay siege to it, I don't think they can make much headway against a CR 21 PC without including the CR 20 Bard Henchman and the CR 21 Dwarf Monk(Tetori) that stays in contact with the Cleric from his new-found Dojo in the Pinnacle of Avarice. Would it possible/feasible to move this to a smaller known location such as Palin's Cove without too much effort in the way of setting? I try to keep it true as true to the Golarion that is presented as possible.

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Windsong Abbey was built over a Thassilonian dungeon dedicated to Groetus, so moving it away would be a pretty big change.

Have you started Shattered Star yet? Could you run a Mythic game first for your scion, where Iomedae needs help on a distant world where a half-dozen ancient evil gods are in the process of returning to life? Windsong could fall in his absence.

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