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Pathfinder Society

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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

PentaCon XXIX gaming convention, Fort Wayne IN, Nov 8-10 2013

Local Play


Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Pathfinder Society is going to be at PentaCon for the first time!

PentaCon's blurb:
"PentaCon is Indiana's longest running game convention. It includes role playing games, miniatures games, board games, collectable card games, live action games, and electronic games. In addition, there is a large dealers area, flea market, special guest personalities, and charity events. "

We have scenarios to play in every time slot, so go to the Warhorn and check it out, then go registrar with PentaCon. Lets fill the tables and make it an awesome convention!

PentaCon's Attendance info (cost and times)

PentaCon's Registration info.

The Warhorn for sign up (but not registration, you need to do that through pentacon) is located here,

When: November 8-10, 2012

Where: Grand Wayne Convention Center
120 West Jefferson Boulevard
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

Scenario list:
Pathfinder Module: We Be Goblins! (PFRPG)
Intro 1: First Steps—Part I: In Service to Lore (PFRPG)
#3-01: The Frostfur Captives (PFRPG)
#3-19: The Icebound Outpost (PFRPG)
#3–25: Storming the Diamond Gate (PFRPG)
#4–01: Rise of the Goblin Guild (PFRPG)
#4–03: The Golemworks Incident (PFRPG)
#4–18: The Veteran's Vault (PFRPG)
#4–19: The Night March of Kalkamedes (PFRPG)
#4–22: Glories of the Past—Part I: Halls of Dwarven Lore (PFRPG)
Pathfinder Module: We Be Goblins Too! (PFRPG)
#4–24: Glories of the Past—Part II: The Price of Friendship (PFRPG)
#4–25: Glories of the Past—Part III: The Secrets Stones Keep (PFRPG)
#5–01: The Glass River Rescue (PFRPG)
#5–02: The Wardstone Patrol (PFRPG)
#5–03: The Hellknight's Feast (PFRPG)
#5–04: The Stolen Heir (PFRPG)

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