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Welcome To The New Venture-Lieutenant in Ohio...Timothy Withem!!

Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild

Silver Crusade ***** Venture-Captain, Ohio—Columbus

It is my privilege to welcome Timothy Withem to the VO ranks. Tim and I go way back and have been in the same home group for 15 years or so. We started back in high school playing AD&D. We eventually made our way through the D&D editions to D&D 3.5 and then skipping 4th edition to go to Pathfinder when it came out. Tim was the person who introduced me to PFS. He is to be blamed for me losing my free time and sleep for the good of the Society.

Tim will be responsible for growing the area known as Upper Miami Valley which is north of Dayton, Ohio. Currently he is organizing 1 store but will be working on bringing the other 5 stores in the areas into the fold and starting PFS at one of the local high schools. It will be exciting to see what we can do with this area. Welcome to the team!

Silver Crusade *****

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Welcome aboard Timothy

Grand Lodge ***** Pathfinder Society Campaign Coordinator

Welcome to the team!

Scarab Sages ****

Congratulations and welcome to the machine, err I mean team.

Liberty's Edge *** Venture-Lieutenant, Ohio—Upper Miami Valley

Thank you all very much! I look forward to invading the local gaming stores with much PFS goodness!

Liberty's Edge ***** Regional Venture-Coordinator, Online aka IronHelixx

Welcome aboard, Sir!

Shadow Lodge ***** Venture-Captain, Kentucky—Louisville

Welcome, and congrats!

Grand Lodge *****


Liberty's Edge *****


***** Venture-Lieutenant, Illinois—Chicago aka thunderspirit

Congrats! Welcome to the asylum...

***** Venture-Lieutenant, Ohio—Dayton aka wjsilver


Liberty's Edge *** Venture-Lieutenant, Ohio—Upper Miami Valley

Thanks again! I am very excited to get things moving and look forward to working with you on some local conventions, Geoffrey.

Scarab Sages ***** Venture-Captain, Washington—Spokane


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