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Farmsteads near Tolguth, in the Realm of the Mammoth Lords

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I recently decided that for my next Pathfinder Society character, I want to play a Barbarian from the Realm of the Mammoth Lords. Furthermore, since I'm excited about the idea of his interests closely aligning with those of paladins, I've decided to place him in or near Tolguth, next to the border with the Worldwound.

Since I don't know much about this land, I was trying to research a few things to help make a more complete backstory and provide reasonable explanations for the things I'm interested in doing with him.

It turns out Tolguth is perfect in several ways -- I'm planning on having him be a Mad Dog Barbarian with a Velociraptor animal companion, and this region is home to many species of dinosaur who enjoy the warmer temperature caused by volcanic activity. However, there's one area that it's less optimal -- I want my character to take the Farmstead vanity, but given the fact that the residents of the city have built a wall in the hopes of keeping dinosaurs and demons out, how well would an outlying farmstead fare? Even if, as I was thinking, his family's duties included protecting the animals from the region's dangerous predators in addition to tending to them, would that be enough to make it feasible?

Maybe, rather than a single family unit, I should go with a tribe protecting a herd of animals. Also, I was thinking that maybe the livestock should be somewhat capable of defending themselves (mammoths? something else?). Finally, I was toying with the idea of a farmstead within the walls of Tolguth, though I'm not certain that's at all possible, nor even if a settled farmstead makes sense for them, as opposed to a nomadic lifestyle for animal care.

Anyway, I'm hoping someone else out there has an interest in the Realm of the Mammoth Lords and the knowledge to help me achieve the image I have for my character (or at least understand in what ways it's not possible to do so). Any insight would be much appreciated!

Sovereign Court

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I'd treat farmsteads of this region that have any level of success as the equivalent of small fortresses, like those of the riverlands. They're built almost as communal homes, with sometimes multiple families (could be up to ten if the farmstead is large enough, though that's unlikely, avg would probably be 4-5) living in the same house or cabin, a great stockade style wall surrounding their central home, made of logs maybe, which encompasses the barn and a small grazing ground for the animals to move about during the night. During the day they are taken out under heavy guard and graze nearby lands, usually a few days ride at most from the farmstead.
Often, the guards would be a combination of family members and specially trained beasts (usually hounds but in this case it could be any number of larger, aggressive dinosaur or what not if you wanted, as long as it could be trained adequately to do the task) and they would follow the herd at all times, with an animal or two leading the herd, and others ensuring the heard kept packed together at all times.
Other types of farmsteads would be based around farming rather than livestock, and these would be built similarly fortresslike, but the fields themselves would be all around the home.


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Yeah, that sounds pretty reasonable! What animals do you think they'd raise? Aurochs and bison, probably? Maybe mammoths? (Thanks again for your advice!)

Aurochs and Bison are definites, as well as any other type of cattle creature. Even certain types of smaller herbivore dinos would certainly be of good herding quality.

They could herd small groups of Mammoths, but really they would raise them only to train them, not necessarily for anything else. A trained mammoth is more valuable as a war beast than as food and pelts. The same goes for the Woolly Rhinocerous. Best used for a war mount. If you want one for food, you gotta go hunting.

As a matter of point, some homesteads could in fact be training grounds for such beasts and specialize in it, from the training of dinos to mammoths to woolly rhinos, or any other truly monstrous mount which would be acceptable, as long as it's not too crazy intelligent. If it's too intelligent, the trainers run the risk of it escaping or fighting back.

That doesn't mean intelligent mounts can't be fun. I had an Owlbear once as an Orc Mounted Fury, and as a Half-Orc cavalier I had an Ankheg. Both were incredibly fun and awesome, with the Owlbear just making things really interesting.

Also funny, because when it was at rest, its eyes had a tendency to stare dumbly in opposite directions, and it would hoot randomly.


Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Awesome; thanks again for the help. (And those mounts do sound like a ton of fun!)

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