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Always Available Question

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

Liberty's Edge **

in the PSOP guide it says you can always purchase a +1 weapon... can you upgrade that weapon further? For example, I want my corsair to have a keen cutlass. Do i have to find one? Or is it always available?

Dark Archive **

You have to find one on a Chroncle or have the appropriate fame that will cover the TOTAL cost of the keen cutlass, which is 27 Fame.

Nebten wrote:
... or have the appropriate fame that will cover the TOTAL cost of the keen cutlass, which is 27 Fame.

That is to say, once you have enough fame, you can purchase (or upgrade to) said keen cutless.

Liberty's Edge **

ahhhh ok that makes sense now, thank you

Liberty's Edge **** Venture-Agent, United Kingdom—England—Chester aka Paz

GtPFSOP v4.3 wrote:

You may always purchase the following items or

equipment so long as you’re in an appropriately sized
settlement (see above).


• Potions and oils of 0- or 1st-level spells at caster level
1st (50 gp or less)

So yes.

EDIT: Did you just delete a post?

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