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[Faceless Entertainment] New Product Poll

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Dark Archive

Hello everyone,

Faceless Entertainment is currently working on a new PDF product for Pathfinder. The book will contain a number of NPCs with stat blocks for each one at a variety of levels. At each level the NPC's back story will progress forwards in order to keep in tune with their new abilities. My question is, which one of the following options would the Pathfinder community find most useful.

1) NPC focused, with each NPC having their own section with their stat blocks for each level arranged in order.


2) CR focused, with the stat blocks for all NPCs placed together in sections divided by level.

If you think one of these would be particularly useful, or have another suggestion, please let your voice be heard.

Dark Archive

Another question, would people find it easier if the NPCs were organized by race or by name?

Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

I'd prefer NPC focused, grouped that way. Neither Race nor name makes much of a difference in my opinion.

While I like the usefulness of organising by CR, I would imagine the concept-strength of each NPC would be borne out better by being grouped with an NPC focus.

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