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100 Books Found in the Strange Library


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This thread was one of my favorites several years ago. So glad it's still going.
I'll offer ...
Wheel & Whoa! - an oracle's guide to the "Common" tongues by Addicus Mithrilwit
This large leather-bound tome is full of the nuanced differences in similar sounding words from Taldane, Polyglot, Draconic, and Tien. Each section is prefaces by humorous examples taken from the travels of the lore oracle who penned it. In his preface he advises he decided upon the name from a rather frustrating argument regarding common prophetic outcomes and the terminology usage in Taldan horsemanship. Referencing this tome grants a +2 circumstance bonus to Linguistics checks when translating phrases which might be found in any of the four listed languages or a +1 bonus when attempt to decipher word-based puzzles written in other languages.

The Exchange

622: Journal
This much abused compact paper maroon hardcover Journal has the name DarDar scratched into it. It is pocket sized with the binding is broken barely held together from much use. The journal lies forgotten shimming one of the tables in the library.

Should someone peruse it they will find in neat Dwarven shorthand, the drawings and notes of Dar, an Architect journeyman. Dar writes of his ambitions, professional trade notes, and current projects. Some projects take up many pages, others barely a sentence acting more as timekeeping prompts. Professionally speaking nothing is incriminating or gossipy, however, there is sensitive structural details here that some clients would prefer not exist.

Dar is a habitual note taker, and there are indications that multiple journals exist throughout his career, as this is already a decade into his journeyman license, dated just inside the cover.

Dar is alive although likely living his elder years in a clanhome of his own creation. He might appreciate the return of his youthful records.

623: Tempus Fugit's spellbook.
There is a working calendar clock built into the front cover. The clock does radiate magic. It contains the following spells.
Temporal School :Anything that stops, slows, or even reverses events can fit in this variant school. Also any spell that gathers information from the past or future.
0 level: Mending.
1st level: Hold Portal, Identify, True Strike, Erase, Expeditious Retreat, Feather Fall, Negate Deathblow- New Spell
2nd level: Make Whole, Knock
3nd level: Dispel Magic, Hold Person, Gentle Repose, Halt Undead, Haste, Slow
4th level: Dimensional Anchor, Remove Curse, Break Enchantment, Dismissal
5th level: Hold Monster, Permanency, Dispel Magic Greater, Contingency, Nap-Sort of new spell
6th level: Dispel Magic Greater, Legend Lore, Time Walk-New Spell, Mage’s Lucubration
7th Level: Phase Door, Vision, Hold Person, Mass, Limited Wish,
8th level: Discern Location, Moment of Prescience, Clone, Horrid Wilting, Temporal Stasis,
9th level: Mage’s Disjunction, Foresight, Hold Monster, Mass, Time Stop, Wish
A temporal mage could give up any school except abjuration or alteration.
3 times a day they can give anyone a new roll, second result cannot be redone.
A temporal mage could indeed make a wand of knock.
Negate deathblow would be a new spell.
Level: Sorcerer/Wizard1, Bard 1.
Casting Time,: One standard action
Components: S,M(Cloth Bandage)
Range: Touch
Target: One creature, slain less than one round ago.
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: None. Spell resistance, no.
The fatal wound vanishes as if it never happened. Regardless of actual damage, the victim becomes stable at -1 hits. It can be used to stop poison or bleeding that threaten to kill someone.

Level: Sorcerer/Wizard:5 Bard:5
Casting Time,: One standard action
Components: S,V
Range: average
Target: 1 person per 3 levels
Duration: Special
Saving Throw: None. Spell resistance, no.
Like sleep but it’s voluntary and 8 hour sleep is reduced by 1 hour per 3 levels. Healing, regeneration of spell slots wake up the spell ends., and other benefits of a good night’s sleep are gained in record time.

Tempus Fugit has given up the illusion school. Also in this book is Charm person, Detect magic, Read Magic, all the summon monster spells, and permanency.

GM notes: The book is a soul anchor, so anyone trying to use the book or just carry it is subject to possession by Tempus's Ghost. Depending on how you use magical spell books, there may be additional spells in the book and more room for new spells.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

624. On the Nature of Moral Behavior. This is a rather plain-looking book, regardless of its printing, except it always has Saranrae's symbol on the cover; some copies this is enough to qualify the book as a holy symbol. Detailed within are a number of stories about a wandering knight of Saranrae and the various challenges they face. The challenges are not physical in nature but spiritual, ranging from the 'goblin babies' to 'attacking the evil guy in the bar' to more complicated situations. Different copies of the book have different answers to each quandary; some have none, leaving it to the reader to come to their own conclusions. The book is actually a common book for paladins of various faiths to own and supposedly Iomadae and Abadar in particular have variations for their faiths. Sometimes they are handed down from an older paladin to their squires as they take their holy oaths.

625. How Magic is the Solution to All Problems. This diary is leatherbound and finely crafted, with a bookmark of fine silk. Detailed within are a series of entries made by a wizard named Suvius the Great, detailing his many adventures. The writer comes across as arrogant and condescending, downplaying the roles of his compatriots in his adventuring band and how his magic (or occasionally, the cleric's or bard's) was key to resolving their issues. The last chapter is cut off by a massive bloodstain covering several pages. Following that there is an entry in another hand, written by someone identifying himself as 'the fighter Loreth'. Loreth tells how Suvius insulted a group of orcs and was cut down out of nowhere by a half-orc riding a giant bat. It concludes with this:

'Who are you?' I asked the muscular barbarian, eyeing him warily. Suvius' body was impaled still on his lance.
The half-orc shrugged and tipped his lance, letting the wizard's body fall to the ground with a thump.
'I AM BARBARIAN', was all the warrior said. Without another word, he lightly kicked his heels and the bat he rode returned to the skies overhead, soon lost from sight.

We promptly left Belkzen, vowing to go somewhere safer like the Worldwound after that.

626What Did I Just Step In: A Guide to Jellies, Pooh, Puddings, Puddles, and Oozes. An informative pocketbook that is an easy read. easy to note with extra paper to wipe your shoes off and collect samples.

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