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Trait Selection for Monk / Alchemist


My Monk/Alchemist is about to be 4/1, and I'm planning on taking Additional Traits for the feat. I know Accelerated Drinker doesn't work with extracts or mutagens, but the ability to start fights with enlarge (and later shield) for just a move action is really tempting. My question is what you would choose for the second trait.

The character is a Duergar with the Grey Disciple, Flowing Monk and Vivisectionist archetypes. Stats (from die roll) are 16/16/17/14/18/10 and my current traits are Grounded and Outlander (for initiative). Current feats (with 2 bonus from flaws) are Improved SR (gained SR 5+HD from race guide), Improved Initiative, Improved Reposition (Monk bonus), Improved Unarmed Strike, Power Attack and Combat Reflexes. I also have MWP as a DM reward and have been using a lucerne hammer for 20' effective reach while enlarged.

I'm leaning towards two choices: Fist of the Society for an extra Ki point, or Magical Knack so that the mutagen lasts half an hour. You can never have enough Ki points (especially since Gray Disciple precludes Monk Oaths), but a half hour of +4 Str should get you through all of a small dungeon... of course, that also gives the GM carte blanche to say, "Here's the BBEG, and wouldn't you know it, it's been 31 minutes..."

Opinions on the trait? Or suggestions for the future of the character?

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