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"As a Move Action " or what to do when you use Standard Actions (GUIDE)


Hello everyone,

This is a recopilation that everyone can use but will likely appeal to a specialised few. I would like your help with it though!
It is a guide about what to do when you have spent your Standard Action doing something and have a Move Action left over and don't want/can't move.

The reason for this guide is that I was trying to put together a character concept revolving around sniping with a crossbow. Almost futile. Threads like "One Big Hit build" and many others dealing with Vital Strike, Cleave and such have been the kindling for this.

Now, I have only a few suggestions and since Pathfinder is vast, perhaps we can all put down what we know. Eventually we can wrap this up in a google doc or with pretty colours :)



Team Up: Aid Another as a Move Action
Bulls Eye Shot: Gain +4 bonus on a ranged attack as a move action (PF Companion: Faiths of Purity)
Equipment Trick:Varies depending on the armament. Adventurer’s Armoury.
Master Siege Engineer: Crew can load Siege as a Move Action

Class Abilities or "dips"

Ranger(Freeboter): lvl1 – Freebooter’s Bane as a move +1 attack/damage to allies within 30ft against a foe, +1 per 4 levels(replaces Favoured Enemy)
Lvl 4- Freeboter’s Bond – Move action to grant flanking allies a +2 bonus to attack with freebooter or affected allies within 30 ft
Alchemist: Swift Alchemy Lvl 3 – Apply poison as a move action (as swift at 6)
Alchemist (Grenadier): Lvl 1 – Attach an alchemical weapon as a move to your shot
Barbarian (Drunken Brute): Lvl 1 – Drink as a move action (replaces Fast Movement)
Rogue (Scout): Lvl 8 - When you Move 10 ft in a round and attack opponent is dealt Sneak Attack as flat footed
Bard: Lvl 7 - Start Bardic Performance as Move Action instead of a Standard Action

Accelerated Drinker: Drink as a Move Action as long as Potion is already in your hand


STANDARD ACTIONS or "what's the point of this"
There are many great things that use Standard Actions in Pathfinder. It opens a different play style all together. It also decreases player's turn time with just one role or simple action.

- Vital Strike (Double weapon damage die)
- Cleave (Hit adjacent target if first hits)
- Focused Shot (Int to xbow/bow damage, 30ft)
- Sorcerer Bloodline Powers
- Oracle Revelations

Adding to the recopilation, what to have in mind:
Feats are always good, as full attacking becomes more prominent using Standard actions fades away when possible, so even if the feats have a high prerequisite they are worth mentioning. E.g. Vital Strike chain.

Class abilities preferably must come early, for dips, however it would be good to have a list of all "as a move action" abilities that classes get for possible combinations.

To give an idea of how playstyle may change:

Thrills the Standard Action Switch Hitter:

I decided to build a Switch Hitter specialised in killing with one crossbow bolt, that could grab his meele weapon and still do well.
For this I turned to Heavy Crossbows(large), Vital Strike, Alchemist, Barbarian and Consumables.
Accelerated Drinker Trait.
This guy walks with iron vials in his hand ready to drink. Gravity Bow/Lead Blades/etc. Helps that the Gm allows the D&D masterwork Potion Belt.
1-4 levels in Alchemist.
This gives Bombs (2d6+Int). 2nd level extracts for Alchemical Allocation. Conductive Weapon allows you to use Bombs with a shot for 2 charges. Alchemical Allocation allows him to drink potions of Greater Invis/Named Bullet/Whatever up to level 3 without spending them.
1-2 levels in Barbarian.
This gives Furious Finish to maximise damage from Vital Strike ending your rage. You need a BAB of 6 though.
Kirin Strike. Using this Style Feat he'll add even more Intelligence damage to that single shot/hit. (Kirin+Targeted Admixture+Bombs = 4x Int damage)
Vital Strike feat chain and Impact Weapon/Gravity Bow/Lead Blades. See the Vital Strike threads out there.
He's a bit more complex with extra multiclassing but this is the bare version:

1 Alchemist - F:Point Blank Shot, Half Elf Ancestral Arms: Repeating Xbow
2 Alch - Discovery: -
3 Alch - F:Precise Shot
4 Alch - Discovery: -
5 Ranger Freebooter- F:Bulls Eye Shot
6 Barb -
7 Barb- F:Vital Strike, Rage Power: Furious Finish

Feel free to give your character examples that use Standard Actions (but in Spoilers please)

Use handle animal on a none companion animal. I've just run an NPC expert that spent two moves a turn doing this. Of course it's potentially a rather obnoxious tactic.

Nice! Alright, adding a bit more since there are some threads about using Vital Strike and such around again:

Improved Feint (Feat): You can make a Bluff check to feint in combat as a move action (instead of standard)

ps: note to self dont shorten "standard" to "std".

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I use "stnd" as the shortform. :)

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