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Creating clockwork items

Rules Questions

Hi guys. Not sure if this is the right board but here goes.

I have a pc who wants to be someone who makes clockwork and steam powered items (mostly as background).

I think he would like them to have combat applications. I know there are some items but they require cl 12 and game has just started at level 1.

Can anyone help me think of minor things I can let him make rather than just dismissing his requests out of hand?

Thanks for any help

Lanathar wrote:
Can anyone help me think of minor things I can let him make rather than just dismissing his requests out of hand?

Take items that already exist in the game and convert them to clockwork/steamworks instead.

Suddenly the handy Haversack is called WizzleKnuck's Transmorgifier III and releases a plume of steam every time it is open, to reveal inner workings of cogs and stuff, but it's really the exact same as the haversack in all but flavour.

That solves hooking the player up with LCF (look cool factor) without having to worry about balance. I would make everything cost 10% more though for making me work :)

You need to look at what sort of things 1st level characters of any class can make. Then let him make similar items at a similar cost using Craft: Clockwork. An example might be a tanglefoot bag, where little clock work mice wrap twine around peoples ankles. Actually checking a tangleffot bag has a Craft: Alchemy DC of 25. Check under the Craft section in the Skills chapter and part on making traps. Then see about what you want to let him build.

Take a look at what it takes to build a Clockwork, not only is there the caster level, but at least three prerequisite feats to make them.

Also, there is a third party class, the Clockworker, by genius games I believe. It is basically the summoner class reflavored and tweaked for a clockwork/steampunk theme.

Other than the new class, just reflavor things. Flask of acid is a little clockwork ball that whirs for a moment on impact and then little valves open and spray acid out. I think a lot of alchemy items can be reflavored for a clockwork theme.

Springpower: 100% practical for everything.

Onto serious business: At 7th level, they might want to invest in improved familiar to get a Clockwork Familiar. The example is a raven, but it is just a model that could use any tiny animal you could use as a familiar(I think only the move speeds change though) That seems to be the earliest thing I can find outside of flavoring preexisting crafted items with brass gears. Maybe encourage him to send it out into melee often so that he might experience the joy of making a new clockwork creature.

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Craft Construct, create an Animated Object, with the Clockwork Construct template.

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