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Gears of War 3

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I hadn't paid much attention to the Gears of War series, to be honest, until a friend gave me the third installment for my birthday last week.

And oh-boy am I happy he did. The game is like a trip into the Elemental Plane of 80's Action Hero Tough Guys, oversized chins and everything; the over-the-topness, it never stops. And I'm loving it. Not to mention the gameplay itself is tremendously entertaining. I'm particularly happy with the Horde mode multiplayer.

Anyone else plays this thing?

I only played Gears Of War I prior to laptop malfunction :(

I hate fpss, but someone I love truly loved this series so I'm giving it a shot.

The Exchange

rejoice in that its a third person shooter then, ;)

Its definitely worth playing through the whole 3 game series. Great story, great action and some cool co-op scenes if you're playing with a pal or online.

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