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Adding spells to a spellbook


So, I just wanted to verify that I am doing this correctly. I am making a female wizard, and in her back story she goes to a wizards college, learns spells, and then goes out adventuring. The usual. Anyway, I am wanting to add spells to her spellbook, and basically we are handwaving the Spellcraft checks. I just have to pay the gold to add them to my spellbook, assuming she just borrowed books from her superiors to copy them into her own personal spellbook. I see the writing costs for each spell in the CRB, so since I am going to be writing a bunch of 1st level spells into her spellbook, I would assume I need to pay 15GP per spell copied over, correct? 10 Gold for each 1st level spell and 5GP per spell to the person who let her borrow the book. If I am wrong about this, please let me know.

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1st level spell would take 1 hour and 1 page in your spell book each.
would cost 10gp for the spell.
5gp for the wizard you are learning it from or rather his/her spellbook you are learning it from.
Maybe your GM would let you "trade" spells and ignore the extra 5gp.
you give (wizard A) a spell and he gives you one.

so 10 spells would be 150gp.

I think I completely missed this opportunity when I created my 4th level wizard. I assumed I'd be buying scrolls later and writing them into my spellbook, but that sounds like the more expensive option.

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And its always the cheaper option...

9th level scroll: typically 3825gp
Borrowing a spellbook for a 9th level spell: 405gp suggested.

Then of course your materials for scribing it into your own book... 810...

For 9th level spells saving yourself 3400gp per spell by finding a willing mentor with a book of his own is pretty nice.

Especially if your gm is tightfisted with the cash and doesnt let you craft for profit.

Hey guys. I seem to have missed these rules for borrowing a spellbook and copying spells.

Where can I find them in CRB and SRD ?

It is on page 219 of the CRB.

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