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Kitsune - Fox Form & Rage - Tiny Ball of Fur

Rules Questions

Grand Lodge

So I have decided to have a bit of fun with a build. I am building a Kitsune Urban Barbarian using the Beast Totem and Elemental Rage lines. I've also decided to use the Fox Form and Swift Change Feats from Kitsune. My Primary equipment purchase will be an Agile Amulet of Mighty Fists.

I know that as a Tiny I will need to take a 5' Step or Attack Of Opportunity to enter an opponents square.

At 4th Level, I will have an 18 Dex, +4 for Rage, +4 Size. My claw attacks will do 1d3+8 and my bite will do 1d3+8 damage, and once per combat I will be able to add 1d6 to all 3 attacks.

My Question is whether the Claws will stack with the Fox Transformation. The Claws don't say they are a polymorph effect, so I wasn't sure.

I am pretty sure claws would stack with fox shape. May I suggest looking at savage barbarian archetype too? An urban savage barbarian may sound silly, but without it you won't have any sort of AC while in fox form once you get to mid-levels.

Grand Lodge

The AC Bonuses for Savage won't help all that much. It's really just a +1 AC until 9th, as I will be taking Beast Totem for +2 Nat AC at 6th that will surpass the Natural Armor of Savage.

I think I will invest in a Wand of Mage Armor instead (Making the character for PFS).

The Exchange

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

you could also invest in Wild armor, as it functions like beast shape (polymorph effect), you can tack that on to some armor and boost your AC at some point.

its cute. definitely worth taking dodge/mobility to help the AC vs the AoOs for moving into people's squares though. possibly the underfoot feats if you can qualify for them somehow.

Grand Lodge

I might get Dodge at 5th when I have an extra feat, but I don't think I'll have the feat for mobility.

On the other hand, I think Lunge at 7th will make the character work. Sure I effectively loose my AC bonus from Size, but get a 5' Reach.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

remember that Lunge only works on your turn - it doesn't let you take AoO's, nor would it let you threaten.

For that matter realize that as a size tiny you won't provide flanking in any case.

Cool concept but there are some drawbacks.

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