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Enlarge / Reduce Person + Permanency on a PC


Okay, so I've been dancing around a character concept for a Kingmaker game. I'm really keen to tie my character in with the Fey that have been rather prominent in the campaign lately. I'm mostly toying with Enlarge / Reduce Person + Permanency combos to alter base races but I'm wondering if it would be worth it. I haven't sorted out what class I'd like to go with, but I'm thinking I might be either an archery Ranger or a ranged Myrmidarch Magus. My preliminary concepts are:

1) Fey-cursed Human: A human who tormented the Fey one time too many is permanently reduced to small size as a punishment. He has to see the world from the "Fey's perspective" in order to atone for his crimes. The mechanics of this character are the same for something of a human with genetic dwarfism (base Human race + Reduce Person)

- I'm wondering if the +2 Dex from the Reduce Person would be too OP given the floating stat from the human.

2) "Half - Gnome / Halfing / Svirfneblin": Since half-races of these smaller guys don't exist as such, I thought it might be fun to enlarge one of them to medium size.

- My problem is, as a ranged character, the -2 Dex and +2 Str wouldn't be great, especially since I'd also lose the racial +1 Atl / +1 AC bonuses. Are the other racial bonuses and abilities on these little guys enough to carry them as medium sized races?

The character is starting at level 6 so my intention was to pay for the costs of the spells out of my Above Level 1 starting wealth but if anyone has any suggestions using the ARG I'm open to hearing them.

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