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Chartered Company: Magical Advancement & Growth Initiative (MAGI)

Pathfinder Online

Scarab Sages Goblinworks Executive Founder

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Name: Magical Advancement & Growth Initiative (MAGI)
Alignment: Neutral
Role: Bring magic to all
Accepted Roles: Any roles with an interest in growing their knowledge of magic.
Website: TBD
Voice Chat: TBD

The Ideology of MAGI
MAGI is a group of individuals dedicated to the advancement and growth of magic in the River Kingdoms through any means necessary.
MAGI on Good vs. Evil- We have no strong feelings one way or the other where Good and Evil are concerned. In our eyes both are necessary and can aid in the advancement of magic. We find a pure dedication to either simply a point of prejudice and prefer to walk the middle line going one way or the other as suits our needs.
MAGI Legionnaires on Law vs. Chaos- As with Good and Evil, Law and Chaos are simply two sides of the same coin. Without one the coin wouldn’t exist. Laws help to organize but chaos helps to find the mystery in the world.

Who We are Looking For
MAGI seek any who desire to understand and/or utilize magic for whatever means. We have 1 simple rule:
1. Do as you will, but do not interfere with the advancement of magic.

Allying with MAGI
Simply enough, if you propose to assist in our goal of advancing magic and do not oppose magic we are open to alliance.

Why Should You Join MAGI?
Tired of being tied down by the virtues of good and the sins of evil, the order of law and the randomness of chaos? Come find a place in the middle of it all where you won’t be persecuted for your beliefs. Find a home where you can safely learn of magic and the world in which it manifests.

To Join
Speak to one of our leaders or officers.

Goblin Squad Member

Added this guild to the Guild Recruitment & Helpful Links list. If you'd like me to add a brief description, just PM me or post something here.

And welcome to the Community :) The Seventh Veil has a Diplomatic Outreach program that you might find useful.

Goblin Squad Member

What a fantastic sounding guild! Great idea. :-)


Goblin Squad Member

I have no objections to a group dedicated exclusively to the advancement of magical knowledge. I have long ago abandoned the idea that there are any magics that are inherently good or evil, it is the method in which said magics are uses that is good or evil.

That said I consider myself to be a good person and have no tolerance for evil and ethically dubious magical practices. Not only does the use of magic in such ways do nothing but damage, but it also works against the advancement of magic in the world by making people fear it hate it and see it as evil.

I will be evaluating your organization to see how I feel about it. I may even seriously consider joining.

Goblin Squad Member

Sirs, I shall likely be joining your organization.

As a fellow of... questionable morals, but supreme ethics, you should have little issues with me.

I, too follow the logic of there being no inherent alignment in any form of magic, and will enjoy working with folk of similar attitude.

Scarab Sages Goblinworks Executive Founder

Very glad that their is interest in our goals!

We'll have a site up soon enough for more information.

Goblin Squad Member

2 people marked this as a favorite.

There is nothing wrong with raising the skeletons of your neighbors' departed loved ones and dressing them in a pink bow tie and top hat. I don't care what anyone says - that is just plain fun and tasteful.

Goblin Squad Member

Raising the dead with necromantic spells should only be done using willing donor bodies.

It's really one of the areas that is so hard to use ethically that it is probably best left strictly to research purposes.

Goblin Squad Member

Please. It does NOTHING to the souls, other than preventing them from being Raised (not Resurrected).

I mean, all they were doing was taking up space in that cemetary, being useless!

Goblin Squad Member

Even if you were to accept such spurious logic, (and I'm pretty sure I have seen some evidence that it may in fact affect (affect/effect?) the soul, I'll need to see if I can find that research paper), marching into a cemetery and raising all of the dead still harms the advancement of magic in the world by frightening the locals and making them think that magic is evil.

It's kind of like how some of these institutions of mundane medical knowledge (why when you can just use magic?) have taken to only conducting research of donor bodies. People trust them more when it is a person that was willing to give their body after death to the advancement of knowledge.

Scarab Sages Goblinworks Executive Founder

Luckily, by the sounds of it, there will be a number of willing participants from those who break the laws of the river kingdom. I doubt many in the general masses will have concerns over their corpses.

Keep in mind that while necromancy is an important aspect of magic we can't forget the flip side of the coin; conjuration for it's healing magics.

Goblin Squad Member

...Which really should be necrommancy too, due to them being messing about with life force.

Goblin Squad Member

Necromancy is pretty much exclusively about the manipulation of negative energy. Healing magics utilize positive energy. It's pretty much the exact opposite of necromancy.

Goblin Squad Member

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Willing donors?

No, the thing that's wrong is laying claim to an empty body. If nobody's inhabiting it anymore then it is the height of selfishness to insist it be left alone for the sake of the previous occupant's memory.

The wasted land for graves, the untapped labor potential, not to mention burying treasure with them. You don't get more selfish than that. All the social problems that could be solved if so many people didn't walk around like a paladin with an iron pole stuck up the back side.

Goblin Squad Member

Yeah, because with spells like Plane Shift we can't objectively test the value of burial rituals. It's been quite a while since I've studied undead lore, but as I recall there are actually harmful malevolent undead that can arise specifically as the result of a person not recieving proper burial rituals.

Goblin Squad Member

Hark wrote:
Necromancy is pretty much exclusively about the manipulation of negative energy. Healing magics utilize positive energy. It's pretty much the exact opposite of necromancy.

They used to be necromancy.

At any rate, spells of the Necromancy school "[...]manipulate the power of death, unlife, and the life force". Sounds like healing and resurrection to me.

Goblin Squad Member

Just because some amateur theoretician with likely not an once of magical skill confuses the animating powers of negative energy with the life force granted by positive energy and puts it in a book does not make it even remotely accurate. The only manipulation of lifeforce possible by necromancy is the indirect manipulation through application of negative energy to draw in positive life force energy. This usually comes in the rather blunt and direct method of siphoning lifeforce off a living target. At its most basic level the two forces annihilate eachother simply harming the living target. More advanced techniques intercept the positive energy before it can annihilate with the negative energy and put it to some use.

I'm not sure I even want to acknowledge the antiquated notion of healing magic being necromancy. That dated notion was disproven ages ago around the same time as the backward notion that Dwarves were incapable of practicing Arcane magic.

Goblin Squad Member

Really, it shouldn't even be called necromancy. Too much of it deals with manipulating the dead into undeath, and not calling them up for their knowledge.

Lump it together with healing, and call it necro-viviturgy, I say. Manipulation of life and death, instead of divinations based on the dead.

People get so hung up over the animating forces that they forget that they're just that- the animating forces.

And that so called antiquated notion is truely correct. Manipulating positive energy, which is commonly associated with life and healing, is no different than manipulating negative energy- both are merely energy to be harnessed.

Goblin Squad Member

While you may have a point on nomenclature being an issue you should note that communication with the dead is a rather elementry task as far as necromancy. It is the greater advances in the study of necromancy and applications of negative energy that have driven theconstruction of ever more advanced undead beings. It is this drive for advancement thay gives necromancy its reputation as an animation school and bad name in general.

On the topic of positive and negative energy you couldn't be more wrong though. To lump positive and negative energy together would effectively be the same as saying that they are governed by the same magics as the 4 elrments. Their relationship begins and ends in the same place, they are the fundamental building blocks from which the Pri me Material plane is constructed. That is the begining and end of their relationship.

Scarab Sages Goblinworks Executive Founder


Two votes for the land grab!

In any case, we should have a site up soon (I'm waiting on my host to upgrade the PHP version before I delve to deeply and I have to decide how I'm going to handle the guild site versus the PFO Fansite.)

Anyone interested in joining in the mean time feel free to send me a message here. I've already got a number of people (outside the Paizo forums) that will be joining up from past guilds and the like.

Scarab Sages Goblinworks Executive Founder

Looks like MAGI has it's very own niche in the game already :)

Stephen Cheney wrote:

Our intention is that Wizards will all have access to craft skills to disassemble and reassemble spellbooks (likely based on the Spellcraft skill, naturally). So if you loot a few spellbooks that each have one or two spells you want and several you don't, you can take them apart (into individual spells) and then create a new book with just the ones you like (and sell the rest or save them for later). There will likely be "research wizards" that find a niche making cool books for other wizards that don't want to fiddle with the crafting system.

We're still discussing the more fine-grained mechanics internally, and we may have additional permutations on the system once we get a better idea of how spells will be balanced.

Goblin Squad Member

Do you accept lawful evil or is your alignment true neutral?

Scarab Sages Goblinworks Executive Founder

Settlement alignment is TN but we'll accept anyone as long as they are interested in advancing the state of magic on the Crusader Roads.

In game I'm not sure whether we can accept LE as it has to be one step away from the settlement alignment. Not sure whether that includes diagonal steps or only LN CN NG NE.

Scarab Sages Goblinworks Executive Founder

I'm surprised there isn't more interest in a neutral settlement. Maybe it is because of the whole focusing on advancing magic aspect?

Scarab Sages Goblinworks Executive Founder

We are looking for other neutral aligned guilds to discuss alliances.

Goblin Squad Member

Dakcenturi wrote:
I'm surprised there isn't more interest in a neutral settlement. Maybe it is because of the whole focusing on advancing magic aspect?

I think initially people are more attracted to the band of heroes type of groups, but attitudes will change as the game wears on.

Being neutral should give us a good advantage in recruitment potential over the aligned settlements, since we'll be able to accommodate a much larger range of people. If we combine that with having the best, hopefully, selection of magical goods and services, that should put us in an exceptionally strong position.

Scarab Sages Goblinworks Executive Founder

Completely agree, I think aside from being the place to go for your magic wares and spell books, we'll be well positioned to offer services to a wider variety of folks.

Goblin Squad Member


Do the members have to be true magic users? can they be hybrid users and knowlege seekers such as bard types or rogues utilizing (hopefully) a use magic device skill? is this better answered once we know more about the game.

To any end, I am interested in your chartered company.

Scarab Sages Goblinworks Executive Founder

Anyone who is interested in advancing magic. Even if your a fighter but you think magic is great and you want to see it improve and progress this is place for you!

OOC Basically the objective is to make a settlement that is neutral so that a wide variety of people have access to the settlement and it's goods while also being a center for spell books and magical gear. All of this without getting entangled in all the good v evil, law v chaos.

Scarab Sages Goblinworks Executive Founder

By the way, those who plan to join MAGI place your votes in the Land Rush!

Goblin Squad Member

Dakcenturi, I bring greetings from the Keepers of the Circle. Our organization, while more broadly focused than your Initiative, includes Keepers and Wardens in our Ring of Crystal that would surely be interested in mutual agreements of arcane knowledge sharing. In addition, Our Rings of Earth, Wood, and Iron may acquire materials of interest in your craft and research while our Ring of Steel can offer martial services. The Rings of Light and Shadow may also have services of interest. Should you see benefit in establishing a relationship, please visit with us and I or another Warden of Gold will be happy to discuss arrangements of mutual benefit to us both.

Erian El'ranelen, Warden of Gold

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