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Shattered Star Miniatures Previews... or lack thereof

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Scarab Sages

Let me start by saying that it is hard to come across in the proper tone in a typed post. I am sure that things are very busy at Paizo, and that there are many things that go on behind the scenes that most of us Pathfinder fans will never even know about.
That said, the lack of promised Shattered Star previews is frustrating. At one point I was going to go back and document a timeline of all the missed previews over the course of the Pathfinder Battles Miniatures lifetime (and there are many), but it would have come off sounding to negative and petty.
We understand that things come up, and you missed posting on Friday. Is Friday the only day things can be posted? How about catching up on the next available day? If Erik is too busy, how about passing the job off to someone else. If you only post pictures with no text whatsoever, that would be better than nothing.
So please do not take this post in bad spirit. It comes from a big Pathfinder fan who is excited about a fine product, and has logged in faithfully every week to see the announced weekly previews, only to be let down week after week.

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On Friday they posted pics of three new minis to their Facebook Page

Paizo Employee Chief Technical Officer

There is a reason that we can't post them on the next day—other things are scheduled for the blog every day of the week, and each of them deserves their time to have the spotlight at the top of the page. Whenever we do two in one day, one of them gets less attention "above the fold," so we avoid that as much as possible.

I'm going to lock this thread because it pretty much duplicates this one.

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