Witch / MoMS ... too niche or good options?


Ok, I have to build yet another PFS character to use up some low level GM chronicle sheets. Thought about a kinda interesting combo and want critiques, I know it's not optimal, i dump stats for caster DC's on a 20 pt buy, but is it workable? Will start at 3nd level, around 2,500g.


Str 7 Dex 16 Con 10 Int 19 Wis 14 Cha 7

5 knowledges maxed to ID creatures, arcana/local/nature/religion/planes perception mostly maxed.
other skills stealth/spellcraft/umd/acrobatics/sense motive scattered as needed.

Looking at the ancestor patron for buffs, especially Blessing of Fervor later.

Traits: Adopted for Enlightened Warrior(neutral/good non-lawful monk)
Two world magic(acid splash) for a damaging cantrip.

1. Witch: Evil Eye Hex, Feats: Weapon Finesse
2. MoMS Monk: (bonus)Kirin Style +2ac/saves vs identified creatures
3. MoMS Monk: (bonus)Kirin Strike +2 to identify creatures, once they are successfully identified you may spend swift 1/round to add double Int bonus to a successful melee/ranged attack, 3rd feat:Prehensile Hair Hex

This gives a base +12 to identify a creature(4 int vs. 15+cr, in order for Kirin Strike to apply.
Prehensile hair hex gives a 10ft reach natural weapon attack that uses int as the str score for the attack, giving a +5 hit 1d4+14 damage attack at level 3. Also, at 30ft range acid splash for 1d3 +8, +4 ranged touch.
So long as it's the only attack used that round, it is treated as a primary per a post by SKR to clarify that question on another thread, which is what got me thinkin this.

Mage armor gives AC 19 (4 armor 3 dex 2 wis), and you have IUS so you can swing (it sucks, but you do threaten for flanking if needed). F/R/W saves at level 3 will be 3/6/7. HP 16, not bad for caster.

Evil Eye still works for 1 round even if you save, and stacks for ac/attacks/saves so you can keep that up all day with cackle.

Witch has several touch spells that can then be delivered with the hair, and grabbing Combat Reflexes can let you get in some swings as an enemy tries to charge the (they think) unarmed caster, and an AoMF works on both.

I have a feat free at 1st level human, either Extra Hex(Cackle), or bump stats to str7/dex18/con10/int19/wis14/cha7 with the dual bonus human. tiefling gets 5 cha instead, and prehensile tail/racials.

At 4th level, i'll bump int to 20 and up my hair damage to d4+17, melee to d6+8, acid splash to d3+10 on any target I identify.

I'll pick up Cackle, Misfortune Hex, Slumber Hex, Flight Hex at 2/4/6/8 witch, Combat Reflexes, and Accursed Hex, Hex Strike at 5/7/9 (Hex strike only unarmed, don't have the feats for feral combat training and wpn focus(Hair) to use it with that.)

Hmmm... actually, witch might not be what you should be going for here. The hexcrafter magus might be better. It also gets hexes, but it has higher hit dice, BAB, and many other nice features such as spell combat and spell strike, not to mention the fact that it can cast in light armor, and eventually medium and heavy armors, without arcane failure. If you use monk, you end up facing MAD, since you are using dexterity, Intellect, and wisdom all at once. You have two stats at 7 and your constitution gives you no bonuses (many around here would not start a game without at least a 12).

This guide discusses hexcrafters. I particularly like the defiler build (the second one). It takes a dip into witch with the white haired archetype in order to get a natural attack that uses intellect for damage (1.5 intellect if it is your only weapon) and can start a grapple (again using Intellect instead of Strength) as a free action on a successful hit (you do not get the grappled condition either).

The defiler build also has many fun ways to ruin your target's day A good example is the use of magic lineage, Frigid Touch, and Rimed spell on a spell strike to make your opponents both entangled, staggered, and grappled with a single standard action.

First, I'm dippin monk for the Kirin feats at level 3 instead of 6 and 9 (they require 6 and 9 skill ranks) and Hexcrafter Magus doesn't get hexes til 4, so at the earliest i'd be level 6.

If you read the WHW again, it only uses Int for damage and CMB to grapple, the rest of the time it's your base str to hit with, after you see if you hit (low BAB and normal Str, not likely, takes a feat to use dex) then you can use int to grapple, and each special maneuver uses a swift, which I need to use Kirin Strike.
While the hair hex treats the hair as a limb that uses int instead of str, meaning attack and damage both, and 1.5x since it's the only attack.

It does get grab tho, but it starts at 5 ft reach not 10, have to go witch 4 to get the reach. Trust me, I've compared that one closely lol. (Now, I think that what the author -meant- to do is give it the same bonuses as the hair hex, and add maneuvers/abilities/reach to the hair since you give up every other hex, but that's not RAW and for PFS, that's how it will be run.)

I looked at the magus, and if I make one i'll definitely be playing a hexcrafter, brand cantrip that actually does a point of damage instead of arcane mark spellcombating FTW, or Touch of Fatigue.

EDIT: actually, reading the WHW archetype and the Prehensile Hair Hex it was probably based on using... imma kick it up for a FAQ to see if that's how it was meant to be, or if the author thought it would all translate together.

Sorry. I was mostly putting forth a guide that came up in another thread on a similar topic. I got a bit overenthusiastic about sharing it. True, some people want their hexes immediately, and the defiler does not come fully into its own until level 5. The person that made the guide mostly took a WHW dip in order to tack it onto the prehensile hair hex.

Though I must admit, it does seem weird that there would be two hair based attacks for the same class that work off of entirely different rules for their basic attack. How would strength factor into magically animate hair in the first place?

case in point, I have another post in the rules section asking for clarification on the WHW vs the hair hex itself, hopefully we can get the designer to post his intentions, as the archetype as written is weaker than the hex, altho it does get some swift action attacks, they will almost never hit.

plz hit the FAQ on that one if you will.

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