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Palladium setting using Pathfinder rules


Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber

I have started a new pathfinder game, and have pretty much decided to run my campaign world as something very similar to Palladium fantasy, but was curious if anyone has ever tried something similar before, and fishing for thoughts, opinions, etc.

I have done this with 3.5. The campaign pretty much focused on the (forget name of book, covered the Byzantium isles and other islands )

Worked pretty easily. Most Palladium races can be converted easily enough. The biggest issue for me was psionics. I just eliminated it, was the simplest method.


Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber

How would you define power prgression? In Palladium the world is designed with a much gentler bell curve, while PF seems to grow by a linear line constantly going up. Was considering handling psionics as Palladium handles it, as a 'mind' mage, with a new spell list, possibly converting some of the powers and giving them a level. Im more curious about how you adjusted some of the rich setting material to fit Pathfinders 3.5 mindset.

First off, most of the time, my main group tosses out the xp progression. We level up when the DM says it is time to level up. I believe in that campaign the characters never got past 12th level.

If I were to use psionics now, I would probably go with the Psionics Unleased by Dreamscarred Press. I dislike reinventing the wheel, especially when some one had done such a great job before me. :P

If I were to do warlocks now, probably use elemental bloodlines, and just keep the flavor of the "brotherhood of elementals".

Diabolist is really tough to convert, but even when I played Palladium Fantasy RPG, no one ever picked it.

Summoner is easy enough to reflavor.

For witches, I would just use the Pathfinder witch, also changing the fluff of the bond to the Palladium version..keeping it an evil contract.

Magic items in Palladium are much weaker overall. And the best Rune weapons are all cursed at least..and probably intelligent as well.

So I guess, in answering, I would say to handle the gentler bell curve, just slow down progression and ignore WBL to what seems appropriate.


EDIT: Most the GM's in my group never cared for Palladium rules or background flavor EXCEPT where alignment is concerned. Two of the three of us use the Palladium alignments. The Palladium fan myself, I do not.

Silver Crusade

Greg Wasson wrote:

Diabolist is really tough to convert, but even when I played Palladium Fantasy RPG, no one ever picked it.

I hate to interject, but the Diabolist isn't tough to convert. It's tough to convert straight, yes, because the whole thing of the Diabolist has to do with the Written Word and words of power. In that case, the Inscriber (from WoW RPG's More Magic and Mayhem) is a class you can use to replace the Diabolist.

The only thing you have to reflavor is where the Inscriber gets his source of power. :)

I used the Palladium Fantasy World (with some minor tweaking) for my 3.5 game and it worked out great!

Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber

I think I will have the summoner and dibolist be 'lost' magics for now, and as the party encounters them in the old kingdom ruins, being able to gain levels in them as if maybe a prestige class. Im even tempted to turn down the leveling gains on bab, restructure a/c gains, and leave the crunchy powers as they are, which will make it so that a level 1 has a chance to hit a level 10, but still leaves the liklihood of any given battle to be unquestioned.

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