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Scenario Mission Accomplished?

Pathfinder Society GM Discussion

Sovereign Court ***** Owner - Enchanted Grounds

I was doing my reporting for yesterday's game day and noticed a new button underneath the "Scenario" field:

Scenario Mission Accomplished [little check box]

So, this is new. Do I need to check that for all my scenarios, now? Or is this something that is there for special reasons? What's up? Did I miss an announcement?

Paizo Employee ** Developer

Nope. We'll let you know how and when to use that.

Sovereign Court ***** Owner - Enchanted Grounds

Cool. Looking forward to it.


I'm guessing it's for the metaplot. For instance, an instruction to GMs "Please report success or failure when you are running Last Days of Almas, as this will affect whether the Andoran faction is disbanded".

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