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Help me make this cool: a PC gets locked with Trinia

Curse of the Crimson Throne

The Exchange

So after capturing Trinia, the group started taking her back to Fort Ranic. On the way she didn't stop crying and she repeatedly claimed she was innocent and tried to persuade them not to turn her in. They didn't listen, but after they handed her to Sabina, who took Trinia to Castle Korvosa to await her sentence, the party rouge decided he can't just sit by and watch a possible innocent get scrwed, so he rushed after Sabina and asked her to be locked beside Trinia, so that he can see justice is really done. I played Sabina real stiff about it and she said she can't autorize such a thing - but, since she is convinced the queen is rightful in her accusation and she does feel indebted to the PCs after they brought in the alleged assasin of the king, Sabina is really going to try and convince Ileosa to allow that.

I kinda think the player created an opening for some REALLY awesome roleplay potential and I want to utilize that, but I'm not sure how. I kinda want the player to be sentenced to death too so that he could be saved by blackjack, who will probably start training him as a sidekick. I'm not sure how to get the player sentenced to death though...

Does someone have any sort of brilliant idea?

some convoluted paperwork mix up. Don't let anyone know whats going on until they march BOTH trinia AND the PC out for the headsman. then there will be a quick, WAIT? WHAT?!?

Go through the whole blackjack thing then.

If the PCs confront Sabine or someone about it later, "oh so sorry for the mix up, thats what happens when you hang out in the dungeon"

The Exchange

While I like the idea of catching the players off guard by not letting them know that the PC is also going to be executed, I'm looking for a way to get there without making the PCs hate the govrenment... it needs to seem like there was a legitimate reason for the Crimson Throne to issue the order of execution.

Stage a fake attempt at breaking out. For instance, you could have someone creep in and unlock the door, and leave a guard knocked out. The PC and Trinia will be fed a sleeping poison, and could be neutralized at such a point that they wake up only to be discovered by the guards looking for the escaped prisoners. The knocked out guard will say the PC did knocked him out while he was making his rounds. This makes him an accomplice to Trinia, and implies that he was an ally in assassinating the king.

Or, you could have Ileosa attempt to Dominate him and force the PC to try and escape. She could have tampered with the lock to make it easy for him to open it, and he leads himself and Trinia out. While dominated, she forces him to attack, possibly kill, some of the guards. They could be caught, and the PC would be tried with Trinia for the attempted escape from prison, aiding and abetting a suspected criminal, attempted murder of lawful police force etc. etc. etc.

You could also use this moment to reveal the presence of the Grey Maidens, first as the private bodyguards of the Queen, and then you can reveal their true numbers in Seven Days from the Grave. In either scenario, you could have the Grey Maidens be the one that discovered the 'escaped' prisoners, and be the ones to recapture them. Give the excuse that once they learned the suspected assassin that killed the King had escaped, they feared for the Queen's life and marshaled their forces to scour the castle looking for them.

[Edit] You could try and paint the 'escape attempt' in such a way to leave clues that only the PC would pick up on, that there was someone attempting to frame him, other than the Government. For instance, maybe one of Ileosa's allies were the ones to dominate him, or they intentionally let a the PC get a few glimpses of some shadowy figure unlocking and moving him while he's unconscious from the poison. Stuff like that. Do your best to make it look like the Government really has a reason to be angry at the PC and that they are innocent of the frame up.

As for the allies, maybe you could use some of her demons, so the PC gets the sense of a distinctly evil and otherworldly presence when the orders to escape are issued.

The Exchange

Tels, great ideas!

I'm thinking of maybe using Kazavon himself as the influence to try and make the PC escape... he will start hearing whispers, telling him the woman at his side in the cell is an innocent and that he and her should both flee. The whispering voice will tell the PC that he has neutralised the guard at the door and got read of the lock, and cleared the path outside of the castle. The voice will urge him on by explaining this is the one and only chance he has to escape with Trinia.

The voice will guide him and Trinia through the castle, except it'll be guiding them lower and lower into the dungeons, until they reach the place where the Grey Maidens live - and be quickly captured. That way the player will get a glimpse at something manipulating the city behind the scenes and when he is brought to execution he will blame the whispering voice, not Ileosa.

The PC will probably have to eventualy escape Korvosa or simply keep in hiding, given that he is wanted for execution by the queen, but it's one of the awesomest ways to retire a PC, I think.

I'd be cautious about that. My understanding that each of the Relics of Kazavon only possesses a shred of his spirit. While capable of exerting themselves on the world, it is more through dreams and nightmares, and even then, only to those who are open to such a connection. Typically, this means people that are slightly unhinged, like Salvatore Scream. A PC wouldn't really be such a person, unless said PC is really into dark, and gruesome things. It's implied people that, more-or-less, agree with some aspect of Zon-Kuthons teachings are the ones open to Kazavon's influence.

To say that Kazavon is capable of so actively influencing the world, would mean the artifact is a lot more powerful than in the book.

I wouldn't force the PC to retire either. Truthfully, I would force the PC to adopt disguises to move about the city with the party, unless the Player wishes to retire the character. As a player, I'd be really pissed if the GM forced me to retire my character without killing the character. It would really ruin any sense that I control my character at all.

One thing you might do, is when Blackjack rescues Trinia, have him take the PC along too. Afterwards, Blackjack could gift him with a Hat of Disguise to aid him in moving about the city, because Blackjack recognizes the PC as someone willing to do the right thing, and being declared an outlaw isn't going to change that.

Anyway, it's your story to tell, so do what you feel is best.

The Exchange

Actualy now that you mention Blackjack, there's a more than decent chance I'll just have blackjack offer the PC to become his apprentice, going as far as revealing his real identity to him. Vancerlo is very impressed with the sense of justice the rouge showed by insisting on being imprisoned along with Trinia, and decides that it's time to start training a new Blackjack anyway since he is getting old.

That would allow to either retire the character in a REALLY cool way that the player (as I know him) will probably be excited about, or otherwise have some cool story implications if the PC decides to stick with the group.

Your point about Kazavon is excelent... I suppose I can easily replace him with any devil who has telepathic abilities...

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