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Cost for crafting poison?

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Lieutenant, Florida—Jacksonville aka Baronjett

What is the cost for my Ninja or Alchemist to craft poison?
Book cost or 1/2 of book cost? Thanks!

Grand Lodge *

For alchemists it's 1/3 price while ninjas and poison rogues pay full price.

Shadow Lodge ***** Venture-Captain, Michigan—Alma

Yeah, currently only Alchemists or Rogues with the Master Poisoner class ability (3rd level Poisoner archetype) can craft poisons in PFS and they do it for the normal crafting cost of 1/3 the price. While Ninjas can use them, they can't craft them.


From the FAQ: wrote:

How do poisons work in Pathfinder Society Organized Play?

Any character with the Poison Use class ability can purchase and use poisons. For now, they are the only classes that have a list of “always available poisons” (those noted below)—no other class may purchase poisons unless they appear on a chronicle sheet. Alchemists, ninja, and poisoner rogues may only purchase the following poisons from the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook:

Giant wasp poison
Large scorpion venom
Medium spider venom
Shadow essence
Small centipede poison

Paladins, per their code of conduct, may not use poisons, but they don’t necessarily view the use of poisons as an evil to be opposed—it’s simply something their code prohibits them from doing themselves.

Alchemists and rogues with the poisoner archetype and the Master Poisoner ability can use Craft (alchemy) to produce poisons (see "How can alchemists craft in Pathfinder Society Organized Play?").


How can alchemists craft in Pathfinder Society Organized Play?
Alchemists can use the Craft (alchemy) skill to produce items with their Alchemy ability. Follow the Craft rules on pages 91–93 of the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook as well as in the alchemist’s Alchemy ability description. Any item created must be properly noted on that scenario’s Chronicle sheet. Under "Items Bought", note the amount of gold spent and the item created. Alchemists are assumed, for Pathfinder Society Organized Play, to carry the necessary items and tools with them to use available resources to create alchemical items. If they have a base of operations from which to do so, they may use an alchemy lab to gain the +2 bonus on their Craft (alchemy) check. Alchemists may never sell any of their created items nor may they trade them to another PC. However, they may allow other PCs to borrow or use items they’ve created (so long as the alchemist class ability being used allows them to do so).

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